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How did protests for racial injustice turn into customers getting harassed in restaurants?

2020-09-07 | 🔗
Reaction from New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.
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Griff welcome back turned into Griff Welcome back turned into chaos. Demanding people join the movement. How did we get here hire to discuss it? New York columnist, Miranda Divine Good Morning to you happy Labor Day good morning Griff and has been labor day to you too Griff Miranda there is a chance somewhere in the country. Folks are going to go out, have lunch get ice cream and possibly be bullied by this mob? That is demanding people raise their fist. We saw it began really with Trump Administration officials being harassed in restaurants, but now we are seeing it from here in Washington D, DOT C, where I have seen it to Rochester whats, going on and downtown Manhattan as well look. This is pure and, as I remember, intimidation and you saw in Rochester where not only were patrons were harassed, but their plates and their plates of food were thrown onto the ground chairs were overturned. They were chaired out of the restaurant in fear.
In Manhattan there was a flower pot thrown into the middle of someones oyster platter. This sin TIM accommodation. This is domestic terrorism. This juicing violence to achieve political aim and no longer these black lives matter, protests about racial justifiable. They have joined with Antifa Griff Miranda to stop threw for a second im, not sure what we are seeing in the harassment amounts to domestic terrorism compared to have the violence of the molotov cocktails and people being shot in Portland Oregon. But coming back to it in terms of political aim, here in Washington Patron, who was being harassed in the neighborhood, came out and talked to local press. She said I refuse to raise my foyt im with fist im not going to be bullied. The question is: do you feel like its really going to backfire on
them using this bullying tactic? It has already. The internal polls are showing that the Biden campaign is on the ropes in most swing states in Middle America. This is why you are seeing now Biden coming out of wait, a basem. You know in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin in Michigan, people are concerned because they are seeing seeing this Sile the streets going from Molotov cocktails right down to harassing diners right now where they eat, and they are concerned that its going to come to a suburb near them thats, not just a trump talking point. You have to look at the video and see thats the case. This is like a cancer spreading across the country, its a disaster for the Biden campaign. You have to wonder: why are they not explicitly call out Blm Antifa? Why are they not condemning it and why are they not calling off their people? These are your people
in the minds of the voter. These are democrat people and just have to wonder Griff we got to leave it there. You raise a good point. I hope a reporter on the campaign trail will ask Biden or Harris about whether or not they will condemn this restaurant harassment.
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