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How has the ‘defund the police’ movement impacted communities and businesses?

2020-11-15 | 🔗
Business owners Jay Ettinger of Minneapolis and Joey Rodolfo of Seattle discuss recent rise in crime on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Jedediah, almost six months, Jedediah, almost six months after calls to defund the police first echoed across the country, Democrat led cities now facing a wave of crime and their residents and businesses facing a fallout joining me are two business owners impacted by this movement, Jay Eddinger from Minneapolis and Joey Ridolfro from Seattle Jay. I want to start with you and lets take a look at Minneapolis crime spike since two thousand and nineteen and well show that for the audience as well, twenty two percent increase in violent crime. Eighty nine percent increase in homicides, pretty astounding numbers. What is your reaction to those numbers and if you wouldnt mind, sharing your experience as a business owner in Minneapolis through what these numbers have shown to be unfolding well good morning, thanks for having me on your show, its been really frustrating its been really upsetting. Weve got a community here in crisis right now, and weve got
elected officials who are playing political games with our lives. Weve got over five hundred people shot in our city this year. Those are five hundred lives that are deeply impacted and the people that have been affected. The most the negatively affected, the most are people of color and people of low income, families and ill. Tell you to have our city council, our elected officials, not support, probably the most honorable and decent and thoughtful man. Our police chief, whose a man of color and a member of our community who served our community for over thirty plus years, has been really disheartening. Jedediah Joey lefts shift over to Seattle for a moment and look at those crime stats. Twenty eight homicides in twenty nineteen total forty one homicides. So far in twenty twenty. How do these numbers impact? Your business, for example? People want to be able to visualize what this experience has been like for a business owner on the ground. Can you speak to that? A bit
sure you know Seattle. Today we call it a urban campground. Our mayor has refused to en Klacik up the city downtown after the riots we continued to be boarded up. Unfortunately, for all of US merchants, downtown weve seen a mass exodus of major retailers. We dont see any signs from City Council or from the mayor to send a message to us to say: hey, listen, stick around, we want to rebuild, but I will tell you that you know we are on a campaign right now to oust the most cynical person on the city Council, thatS, Kasha, Ma Sawant. We are now on a path to recall her and shes, the first one that we want to extricate from the city council. She is obviously going to be removed for malfeasance and thats an interesting sign and
were hoping that the judge will continue to push on that Jedediah, certainly an interesting development and Jay. I want to come back to you on that note. Speaking about city councils, weve been cover ing this this morning when it comes to Minneapolis that the City Council Illll, has approved this extra five hundred thousand dollars now for a Minneapolis police to contract outside officers. Do you anticipate that that will affect business in any way or affect the development of the city in any way? You know its a band aid, its nice to know that three at least three of these councilmembers. There were nine that stood on the stage and called to defund the police that three of them have kind of hit the pause button and come to their senses. We still have six that are pretty radical activists, as I would call them that we need to vote out of office next year and what ill tell you is businesses, and especially in our downtown area, are closed right now, more because of public safety than because of covid- and you know so using a hockey
analogy up here in Minnesota, be the police department here has already been short staffed for years and years and years underfunded and understaffed for years and weve been playing short handed, so now were playing with a two person disadvantage and our goalies pole were not setup for success. The police department is not setup for success. Weve got a city council that wants to see them fail or a majority of the city council that would love to see our police department fail, which means we all fail and they protect the rights of criminals more than they do. The safety of law abiding citizens and in November next November, weve got to do a better job at the voting booth, Jedediah Joey just quickly. What is the reaction to community members to families to other business owners through these decisions being made on the ground? It has to be deeply distressing. Its distressing to have our former chief of police Carmen best send a note to all of US residents and merchants. Saying sorry, we cant protect you youre on your own ill. Tell you that struck a cord with everyone in Seattle saying what
do we do? Do we arm up? Do we not have any protection whatsoever, so that was an a alarming letter sent by Carmen best and days later she resigned and ill. Tell you that Seattle itll take years and years and years for this city to recover Jedediah. Well, I can tell you both weve been following these stories: many many with business owners around the country, its deeply distressing to see the impact of the defund, the police movement and the cutting of the police department on not only businesses but families and communities and were hopeful. There will be a change. I know, Jay, you said its a small band aid in Minneapolis, but at least its additional funding headed in the right direction, as opposed to the wrong direction. We thank you both for being here today and our hearts go out to you. If youve been struggling through this time, any business owner out there. This is really really challenging times that were in. Thank you. So much.
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