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How is America's political correctness impacting Great Britain?

2020-10-17 | 🔗
Douglas Murray, author of 'The Madness of Crowds,' joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the rise of PC culture in America and abroad.
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Pete over to you, PETE good job with the numbers will PETE Pc culture and Wokeness in America now making its way across the pond next guest writing in a new op ed. We Brits arent, enjoying Americas, export of political correctness and wish you would keep this stuff to yourselves here is the growing Ripple effect Douglas Murray author of the best selling book, the madness of crowds Douglas? Thank you so much for being here this morning, one of the smartest guys. We know there is a lot to love, as you say about America, what are we exporting to you that you would rather not have these days? There certainly is a lot to love and great to be back with you. I say that the problem is that Americas culture wars keep on spilling out to the rest of English speaking world, not least of my own country of Great Britain, a few years ago when the America had the sexual counter revolution of the me too moment it almost immediately flooded across the pond. It took down, among others, the then Defense Minister, who had to
resign. It turned out fifteen years earlier. He had put his hand on a journalists knee. It was very english sex scandal because it didnt involve any sex, and this sort of thing has become more and more common case after case scenario after scenario, most recently, of course, by the importing into the u dot k of the very specific racial debate and discussion followed in the wake of the black lives matter, movement that movement. You know what are can be said for and against it. I went to seat first black lives matter and the demonstrators were marching with their hands in the air. Saying hands up, dont shoot all accompanied by unarmed british police officers who couldnt have shot them if they wanted to. So the point I keep trying to make is these debates just wash across the rest of the world
and frankly, a lot of the world. Doesnt really want them PETE, and we are seeing statues Winston Churchill Admiral that you probably are more familiar with than mine, Admiral Nelson. They are being told to be torn down as part of the culture of colonialism whats, the grievance there thats thats right, just as in America, seconds toppling of confederates to the toppling of Abraham, Lincoln and George Washington and more so. These sort of Antifa and Blm activists end up finding imitators in great Britain. In the u dot k, we have the original anti fascist, Winston Churchill, actual anti fascist, real thing, his statute, repeat: lid assailed by Blm activists. In the u dot K saying: is he racist? Just recently? This week we have
Admiral Nelson who died in one thousand, eight hundred and five on the great naval heroes of the? U DOT, K called for his column and to be pulled down because of black lives matter. The Greenwich Maritime Museum says Admiral Nelsons whole reputation now, two centuries is being reassessed in the wake of black lives matter, and this is a problem. As I say, this is totally imperfect fit, but you know the dominance of american culture and you know has so much to be said for it, the american export of so many great things around the world. You could lilsz them, but this is a really negative thing that the rest of the world started to imitate american culture wars at home. Pete such a great points. The man who defeated fascism is being targeted by Anti fascist.
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