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How the illegal drug trade banks billions

2020-07-25 | 🔗
Former CIA officer Amaryllis Fox and former Navy Seal Kaj Larsen take us inside the business of drugs on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Pete, welcome back PETE, welcome back a retired Navy seal and CIA officer teamed up to see how money moves inside the world of Narcotrafficking, the war on drugs, cost millions of dollars and thousands of lives, and the only way were going to understand how to bring it to an end is to understand the economics that drive it. This is a global multi million dollar business. No one will stand up and talk about drugs, PETE, the business of drugs. A six part series investigates the impact of the drug trade on our economy. Joining us now is executive producer of the series and retired Navy seal Kach Larson. As long as with CIA officer and Host Amaryllis Fox, we will get a mission you and I had last year and do again this year in a second I didnt know you were an executive producer. Congratulations on a hit series here, tell us a little bit about it. Well, thank you, PETE. You know its hard to
communicate what we are swimming in the Hudson there. I had the great honor of being age to create this series. I have been covering narcotrafficking for over a decade and I was able to look at these drug cartels through the prism of economics when you do that. What it reveals is that drug cartels essentially operate like multinational corporations. They have supply chains, they have distribution wings, they even have marketing departments, and when we looked at drug cartels through that cold hard lens of economics, it revealed things about how they operate to helped us. Take them apart and understand them. You know in its highest form PETE. As you know, journalism is intelligence gathering operation, so I picked the best intelligence officer. I know my good friend Ann to penetrate networks to understand how they operate. Pete tell us about that whats, something in addition to
the economic side. You know, Kaj has been in the Navy seals and you have been in the CIA. What are average folks going to learn about drug traffic from this one of the things that struck us time and again and how much overlap there is between all of those worlds, a lot of financing for the terror operations that take the lives of american citizens and others around the world actually come from the illicit narcotics trade thats. Why its so important that the policies that we we hav in place are actually effective in dealing with the drug trade thats? Really what kaj and I wanted to take a look at it was just tax day. We are all aware of where every one of our dollars goes. It shouldnt be going to failing policies. So when we see decade after decade, more and more drugs pouring across borders, the war on drugs, isnt working, we were really interested in as to why not PETE what I can tell rocketed
to the top of the viewing list on Netflix a huge success. Congratulations, I do hope folks check it out. Daj the Gi Go fund did a swim across the last year. I did it. I did not do it alone. You were my swim. Buddy did I not train at all? At one point I had to grab on to your shorts and you pulled me across the Hudson. I did a little training this year. Do you think a little training can get me across the river by myself this year, myself this year am amayylls have been been investigating drug trafficking? You will have to do it without me. Pete. We will announce it more next weekend we are doing it again for the Gi Go fund, swim live in the Hudson. I will be getting in short shorts and giving it a go. You are doing so much more than
that Kaj and Amayyllis congratulations. I have faith new. Both.
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