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How to prepare your car for winter

2020-12-05 | 🔗
Car Coach Reports Editor-in-Chief Lauren Fix demonstrates on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Pete welcome back well cold temperatures setting in which means now is the time to prepare your car for winter driving here with tips. Car coach reports editor in Chief Lauren, thanks for being here good morning. Pete, you know its cold outside cars have been sitting. You know I am going to travel for the holidays or I have to go somewhere. I always tell people if youre having trouble starting your car, its most likely your battery, get that checked some of the things that are really important visibility. Eighty percent of your driving decisions are based on visibility, wipe or blades super easy to change, really easy put em back on that quick and youre back on the road. So so anyone can can do that. One of the things you should know there are only four things that touch the ground and thats your tires. I dont know I checked the tire pressure once a month against
the number inside the drivers door. What, if you need new tires? How do you know you talk your favorite penny and put the head of Lincoln directly into the tread? The if you see the top of husband hairdo his hairdo youre, going to need to buy new tires. I recommend getting something all season. This is a Michelin Cross climate, two, its designed for the colder weather ors, but if you buy four tires, theyll install it for free at your favorite e pep boys, something to keep in mind. Theyll also check your nine fliewppeds, and one of the most important thing is your brakes. You only have four brakes so if theyre rusty- and they look like this- you dont have to be an expert, but you can change your own pads Goodyear sells them theyre made in the: U Dot S two rotors two sets of pads all the hardware. If you dont know what youre doing its a great thing to learn:
Goodyear brakes dot com has everything you need now, not sure what to get your favorite car person. This is for you PETE. This is a pep boys calendar pep boys has been in business for a hundred years. It was founded by a veteran and the proceeds go to the Bob Woodruff Foundation. We send you a case of these and if you want to learn more PETE Lauren, I love you but fixing your own brakes. You can do it im coming to your house to show you how easy it is. Pete youre going to have to deal thats a deal, PETE check your car and make sure the heater works every time. I turn on my jeep. I wonder if its going to work or.
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