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How will New York’s new coronavirus curfew impact businesses in the state?

2020-11-14 | 🔗
NYC Hospitality Alliance Executive Director Andrew Rigie calls Gov. Cuomo’s 10 p.m. curfew ‘absolutely devastating’ for businesses.
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Jedediah New York, Governor Jedediah, New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, spark backlash after rolling out a slate of new lockdown restrictions, including a 1000 p, DOT M curfew on restaurants, bars and gyms after an uptick in cases, Cuomo arguing quote. If you look at where the cases are coming from, if you do the contact tracing, you will see they are coming from establishments where alcohol is served. Gyms and indoor gatherings at private homes, the New York City Hospital pay, tattle alliance, is sounding the alarm executive director Andrew Ridgy joins me now Andrew welcome to the show. So you see this 1000 p dot m curfew being reinstated. I see also on social media, fearing that gyms could potentially be closed in the near future. You never know where this is going to lead talk about the impact of this 1000 p, DOT M curfew in particular, though, and in particular on the restaurant industry. Good morning, its absolutely devastating small business owners have been exhausting their personal savings. They have been trying to do. Everything government has been telling them to do to keep people safe and restaurants have been open
indoors and outdoors for months around the city of New York and the state, and we continue to see infection rates go down until recently and we cant continue to have government shut us down unless they support us and our workers its really a dire situation. Jedediah, you see a lot of images of outdoor dining. We are now heading into the winter. You will thought be allowed to have a lot of those opportunities. What are the concerns of these industries and financially? What are you hoping that the government will provide in terms of stimulus to these industries that have been hurt really badly, that have been hurt really badly during these lockdowns? It gets cold here, as the weather continues to drop its not going to be feasible, even outdoor dining itself, wasnt a sole solution to save the industry. What we need frankly right now is the federal government to act.
There is bipartisan legislation called the restaurants act which will help these small business owners pay their rent payroll vendor expenses. If we dont have support, then we are going to shutter more vacant store fronts, more new Yorkers out of their jobs. There is still about one hundred and fifty thousand people that worked at these businesses before the pandemic that still arent back to work. There is bipartisan support. It needs to get passed through the Senate and President Trump needs to sign it into law. We need to help these Americans these small business owners. They are in such a tough situation, really think about it. What is New York city? What is our country without all our great local restaurants, Jedediah yeah, you know, New York City is known for that great food and dining thats. What tourists come from. I was walking around my old neighborhood and saw so many of my restaurants boarded up. It was really devastating and heart breaking so see, im hoping there is turn around, and businesses that have left decide to come back to the city
if the opportunity arises and they feel they can succeed. Thank you, Andrew. Our heart goes out to these people that.
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