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How will voters respond to Biden's warnings on safety under Trump?

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Reaction from pollster Lee Carter and radio show host Tony Katz.
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To learn more go to sleepnumber dot com, the violence we are seeing in the violence we are seeing in Donald Trumps, America, its getting worse- and you know why, because Donald Trump adds fuel to every fire, he wont stand up to any form of violence. He keeps telling us that he was president. You would feel safe. Well, he is president whether he knows it or not, and it is happening its getting worse, Jedediah Joe Biden slamming President Trump over unrest in America, as he makes an earlier than expected return to the campaign trail. But will this message work with voters here to discuss partner and president at Maslansky and partners, Lee Carter and Radio talk show host Tony Katz welcome both of you to the show. We will start with you Lee this strategy that Joe Biden has implemented now of attacking President Trump and essentially blaming him for the violence going on that we see going on in cities around the country. Will that strategy be successful?
Well, this is sort of a classic reframe instead of reframing it about him, its his opponent. I dont think this is the right approach for Joe Biden. He should be reframing, not the event. He should be trying to say lets bring people together. Is he reacting to Donald Trump? He is not reacting to the issue at hand, and the issue at hand is that there is violence. There is racial injustice and people are angry. People are afraid people are upset. He should be reacting to that. He should be taking a page out of the playbook of leaders before him who came to unite, especially if thats the platform he is running on. What he is running on is Donald trumps. America is bad im, a decent guy and he should come out and behave like a decent guy and show us what unity looks like show us. What the american Spirit looks like thats, not what he is doing. Is he simply reacting to Donald Trump? I always say when a person is reacting, its not the one who is acting the one who scketding is acting, usually the one who is leading
Jedediah. We see a shift in strategy Dnc where rioting and violence not discussed. Now you see Joe Biden coming out and feeling pressured to talk about this. Why the change and do you expect that to continue? Well, I think its absolutely correct when we talk about reaction and Joe Biden is reacting to the Trump campaign, speaking the truth to America and America, responding its, why you see democratic mayors in Minnesota Backing Donald Trump, but the real, bigger conversation is that Joe Bidens lack of leadership has turned into a lie. The democratic party was okay with the rioting. They didnt speak out about the rioting. So when Joe Biden goes to Pennsylvania and says I do look like a radical socialist to you, the answer is no, but your party does you look like the guy who is waiting for the home health nurse? To give you your pudding cup, you look completely and totally out of touch and thats what America is really responding to, so he was forced to get into this game a game he doesnt want to get into, and he is forced to tell a story
that America is not believing thats the real story here, Jedediah Lee, we see the topic of law and order being prioritized right now, im curious in your polling. Have you seen that people around the country are prioritizing that issue right now? There is no doubt about it. The president has been talking about this since June. He had a lot of criticism about it. A lot of people say that his messaging has been somewhat racist. The bought line is this. The american people are concerned for safety. We have seen first time gun sales have gone up huge percentages this year. This is a big issue to Americans. I would say the number one issue when people are going to make their choice in November is not going to be the economy, its not going to be a number of other things that people are talking about. It is who makes you feel most safe, and that means most safe physically and it has to do with the law and order message. It has to do with Covid and also has to do with your financial security. Whichever candidate can own safety, is the candidate thats
going to win Jedediah Tony? Do you anticipate Kamala Harris weighing in on this issue, im curious how she would come out and speak about this violence, as we have her on record before encouraging protesters? Do you think there will be a shift in tone for her as well encouraging protesters and saying that its never going to end? She cant make the delineation between protesters and rioters, that all of us can make protest. God and valuable people want to protest. Police brutal should do so. Everything we are seeing in Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and New York are riots. Those certainly arent things that Americans vote for as move further and further into the suburbs. The chance for the win to the but Burr Ban soccer mom goes away. That mom is worried about the safety of their children and that mom comes in all sizes and creed. Kamala Harris can try to jump in. She falls into the trap. Am I
appealing to that group or that group has no center or core, which is probably why she was picked to be the vice presidential nominee to begin with Jedediah yeah? The truth of the matter is, if you dont feel safe. If you dont feel, if you are in a place where you are safe and your family is safe, you have nothing thats. The first and foremost priority of every person existing in this world law and order will be a.
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