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H.R. McMaster: ISIS ‘Beatles’ some of the ‘most heinous people on earth’

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster weighs in on indictment of two British Islamic State terror suspects on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Brian two suspected ISIS militants, known as the Beatles facing life in prison, an the Doj killed them with killing four american hostages, torturing them. First, by the way the terrorists are expected to be back in court for arraignment joining to us react President trumps, former national security adviser author of great new book battle, ground, retired, general, h, DOT, R, Mcmaster, welcome, back, congratulations on the book and also bringing these guys to justice. How bad are they? These are some of the most heinous people on earth. Brian. These are people who want to murder our children. They are the enemies of all humanity. They have inflicted tremendous humanitarian crisis on people of the region and their goal. Their goal is to continue this jihadist terrorist war against all civilized peoples, Brian, so they were using electric shocks. They were putting in stress positions,
making our guys fight each other, all types of torture. Before, of course, they killed them in the name of religion. Now we put them in a federal court. Do you worry that we are giving them too good a treatment? Dont? They belong in a military venue. I would prefer to see them in a military tribunal. These are enemy combatants. When I say enemies, they are enemies of all humanity. They are people who use a perverted interpretation of religion to justify their criminal acts against mostly Muslims, but, as you mentioned against Americans too, they need to go away forever in whatever venue and there will be a conviction in a federal court. I believe certainly, but I think we ought to try to make these military tribunals work, because this war is not going away these enemies in r not going to stop in murderous campaigns against us Brian, as we give them defense, attorneys and brand new clothes and a fresh shower. It bothers me
just our system. I guess I dont know if they belong this that system, the president of the United States announced we will have more troops out by Christmas. I think we are down to two thousand five hundred. Meanwhile, we are still talking to the Taliban shouldnt. The decrease in troops be linked to conditions Gore based proof in how the Taliban are acting. What im concerned about we gave too many concessions in Afghanistan in a strange way. We seem to have partnered with the Taliliban who are enter Twinsd with these terrorist organizations against the afghan government, who is fighting to retain the freedoms that they earned in two thousand and one fighting alongside us. After the brutal rule of the Taliban, they were subjected to from nineteen ninety six to two thousand and one Brian in your books battle grounds. You talk about some of the challenges in the world today you couldnt have predicted. I dont think this reign of peace in the Middle EAST in truce with Israel. How important is this moment, as
you Seba rain? Possibly Oman could be Sudan and others, United Arab Emirates, falling in line with Israel against IRAN. This sim Mensly important Brian. This is a recognition that the real threat to security stability in the region is the Irans 40 year long proxy war against the great Satan us the little Satan, Israel and the arab monarchies. What I love this Brian is name too the Abraham accords. We are all people of the book the jihadists terrorists want to make this a war of religion. What this says is these are the enemies of all civilized people. It helps in connection with checking Irans campaign to have hegemonic influence across the region. It also isolates these terrorists from any form of ideological support. Brian you twongt great lengths not to politicize this book. I do have to ask you this. I thought about you. When Joe Biden
said I want to get back into the iranian Deal and Kamala Harris says the world is more dangerous. Now you saw that deal, you saw what was happening. You came into a new administration, and that was one of the things you did do you wish we would get back in the iranian deal. No, it would be a huge mistake to try to turn the clock back to two thousand and sixteen the IRAN Nuclear Deal was a political disaster masquerading as a diplomatic triumph and what it did is. It gave IRAN all the benefits of being welcomed back into the international community, huge payoffs up front, the relief of sanctions, and what did they do with those profits because its the iranian state that controls these businesses that were benefiting from contracts and letters of agreement? Is they funded this four decade, long proxy war against us in a way that intensified their actions? From you know, from Lebanon, which we see a state thats in free fall in large measure because of what IRAN has been doing in the region and what IRAN is doing, Brian,
they are fueling. The cycle of you recall religious conflict to keep the arab world weak and immeasured in conflict, so they can put a proxy army on the border of Israel, its important for us to pursue continue to pursue this isolation of IRAN and the sanctions that constrain the resources available to them. Brian. I worry we are not so much progress has been made. I just hope its not undone.
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