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Hunter Biden story 'should've been the lead' at ABC town hall: Geraldo Rivera

2020-10-16 | 🔗
Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera with reaction to Trump, Biden dueling town halls on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian Ainsley, Steve Brian thanks so much meanwhile Geraldo Rivera Fox NEWS, correspondent at large. As you know, I dont know who had the clicker in your house. Hopefully you laughter. What did you think about the fact we were struggling, Steve wait a minute you dont have have two tvs at your mansion. We have two tvs, but we wanted to like feed off each other, its a yin and a Yang situation. We needed the passion of the opposite Ainsley. I am curious because I know Erica put the sign out shes, a Biden supporter and you put a sign with an arrow saying, thats, my wife, wife, only yeah, Ainsley, im curious to know what she thought. I want to hear your opinion, but I do want to hear what a Democrat thought about it. Well, thats an excellent way. Ainsley to back into my point, Erica was filled with admiration for Savannah Guthrie for
interrogating the president with such ruthless abandon. You know starting off. Why dont you wear, masks youre, killing tens of thousands of people youre a white supremacist who believes you know Erica was cheering that on. You know right on right. On and then the Biden isnt he nice isnt, he sweet, oh isnt, he awe adorable hes suffered so much in his life, so Erica went with on and on you know. They say in Yiddish. Speaking in native tongue, over Joe Biden, couldnt be more filled with admiration and affection for hum. Meantime, im saying: are you kidding me? They didnt ask hum about the Hunter Biden, E mails thats, the story of the day. George Stephanopoulos should have been briefed on that, my goodness this guy did he lie. Are these mails real? Is this computer really Hunter Bidens? I was a little us from Rah Traited. I got up and stormed around the house sat back down and you
know the only good thing was. There was one nice black lady sitting behind the president, who was nodding and giving thumbs up, and I said well theres one person in the room who agrees with me Steve. I think a lot of people were clicking around eventually, even though they were on different channels. It became the same show, call it it grilling and chilling, because on NBC the president was getting the grilling on ABC George was just chilling with Joe. If people missed it just walking up Heres a highlight, you have said repeatedly. The only way we lose this election is if it is rigged. Now that is simply not true. Will you accept the results of the election? The answer is yes. I will, but I want it to be an honest election. There is in fact, no evidence of widespread fraud, and you are so how about that question of expanding the court. Is the nomination of Judge Barrett reason enough to rethink your position? If I had answered the question directly, then all the focus would be on whatS Biden
going to do if he wins youre still not a fan im, not a fan, it depends how this turns out. Your administration is about to go to the Supreme Court to throw out the rest of Obamacare, which includes protections for pre existing conditions in order to replace it with a much better health care at a much lower price. Well, you havent replaced it youve been in office. If its effective will you mandate its use? The answer is depending on how clear theres vaccines they say, have a very positive impact. You were asked point to denounce white supremacy in the moment you didnt youve done this to me, everybody. I denounce white supremacy. Okay, you didnt ask Joe Biden whether or not he denounces Antifa. This is a little bit of a dodge. Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy. What do you have to say to young black voters who see voting for you as further
participation in a system that continually fails to protect them? Well, I say first of all, as my buddy John Lewis, said its a sacred opportunity to make a difference. If young, black women and men vote, you can determine the outcome of this election. Did you hear what you needed to hear? I think so Brian thats not really Steve. You could really tell the temperature in the two different rooms was quite different. Geraldo. Do you think you know yesterday NBC was taking so much flak for having both the president on their air opposite Joe Biden on ABC. Do you think that she went after him was instructed Hey go after him, so that people will realize you are trying to actually hurt him, get some answers that we havent gotten in the past im not im, not privy to any special inside information other than the fact that I am an alumni of the today show having served there for several years before I came to fox its a great show, but theres.
No doubt that. Excuse me sorry, theres! No doubt that Savannah Guthrie was told by her bosses and her colleagues or if she wasnt told directly she got the vibe NBC was so aping arely. I mean the angry. I mean the staff Rachel, Maddow and so forth. The real trump haters were so angry that the network had provided this air time to the president and, moreover, had given him the same time slot as Joe Biden. So people could compare this morning. I havent seen the ratings yet whether the President prevailed or Joe Biden prevailed, but there was no doubt that Savannah Guthrie came there with an agenda NBC had by far the most lovely setting the bridge was illuminated. They had, you know a social distance, but they had real people and the very elaborate outdoor setting. I thought it was lovely, but man she came to prosecute. She was wham, wham wham. You know question after question or why
dont you wear a mask. When you denouncedded white supremacy, you seemed to have a hitch in your voice, you didnt, quite so he had to denounce white supremacy four times it was very, very different. She seemed to be marching to the beat of a whole different drummer than George Stephanopoulos, who did not mention. For example, when Joe Biden was asked by the black youngster and the question came up about the criminal justice system and what happened with the Super predator law of nineteen, ninety four and so forth. I think there should have been a mention that George Stephanopoulos worked for the Clinton the administration. During that very debate. In the 1990s I mean it would have been nice if we knew who these folks really were and what their m dot o and what their ambition really was. I think Brian you Meanal DOE that the chief of Staff, Savannah Guthries husband, who was the chief of staff for Al Gore that might have also played out
every day, were getting other ballot problems. Twenty nine thousand western Pennsylvania voters received incorrect voters double ballots, sent out to thousands of new Yorkers when they requested absentee voters. People are getting military absentee ballots in New York, no ones ever gotten to the bottom of that. The prime minister has every the president has every reason to be suspicious with this massive change to mail in ballots. The only thing that weve shown is that we cant do it. Well, I have a slightly different. Take the Brian ive been around for so many elections, and it always seems despite the controversies or the problems, that the count is fairly legit. I am I go to bed if the election is not too close, go to bed, pretty confident that I know who won the election in Pennsylvania and then the Wisconsin and Michigan, and in Florida I remember Florida recount my God. If we were going to throw out the system, then you
know at all at I any time it would have been. Then, with the votes deciding who was president of the United States, then Al Gore graciously decided to concede after the Supreme Court in Bush, V Gore made its decision to stop the recount. I think the people have faith in elections. I think that when the president is challenging the process, he is making sure that everybody is on their toes its very difficult to cheat on any kind of massive scale, im pretty confident but im telling you. The big story of history will come to regard this presidency as the president, whose every word was construed in the most evil way possible by people hostile to him, whose track record Brian one more story: Ainsley Geraldo its President Trump against the world Ainsley the problem. A lot of conservatives feel and the president brought this up last night were going to talk about censorship, but the president said he spied on my campaign. He tried to take down a duhy elected sitting president
and when they ask, if theres going to be a peaceful transfer of power. Yes, but I want an honest election are George is not even asking about Hunter Biden, which is a big story right now, and twitter and Facebook are not even allowing the story to be posted, ABC Nbc and CBS. Nightly news never even mentioned the story. Are they Democrats Republicans have got to fight because Democrats are feeling like they want to change the narrative they dont want the public to know about these things. Steve and twitter changed their policy Ainsley, yes, Steve, because they took so much crap, Ainsley and now theyre being subpoenaed. The ceos being subpoenaed lawmakers are furious. Ainsleys point is a brilliant one. History will come to regard or the 45th presidency as the one that existed in the most hostile environment. You could possibly imagine from the day he took office. There has been this attempt to undo the election of twenty. Sixteen theyve done everything they possibly can to undermine him.
It is not an overstatement. You know, ive been accused of overstatement in my long career. This is not an overstatement to say this was a de facto coup, a continuing coup attempt to undo the election of twenty sixteen and it continues to this very day. The media is so enormously stacked against this man. Even if I dont agree with his policies, the reason im so sympathetic to Donald Trump is, I feel he really gets. The short end of the stick on a daily basis. Hes judged by a far harsher standard than the Democrat is, it is than Joe Biden is in this case than the Democrats generally. Are. I think what happened with the guy from Steve and his connections and bench dealing and everything else really is an indication that these people are awe Rayed against the President arrayed against the president, and they try to overdo one another in who can con denial him most effectively. Brian right and good luck with that, because.
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