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Hyatt launches ‘Hyatt Loves Local’ initiative to support local businesses

2020-11-28 | 🔗
General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Derrick Morrow partners with the owner of Anna Bell’s Kitchen, Kevin Mobley, and other small businesses impacted by the economic downturn.
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Will this month launched the will this month launched the Hyatt Global Initiative designed to help small community businesses impacted by the economic downturn this year, one company in Atlanta, an bells kitchen, now expects three hundred percent increase in sales over the holidays over last year. All thanks to Hyatt Derek is the manager of the Hyatt Regional Atlanta and the owner of Anna Bells Kitchen. Kevin lets start with you, like so many small businesses. I understand its been difficult over the last couple of months. Tell us what it has been like to conduct business during this pandemic good morning. First of all, its definitely been a challenge. One of our challenges is actually a little different than you would expect a lot of our we service a lot of local retail customers. These are locally owned businesses and what they have seen happen is that, due to the pandemic, people are now wanting to spend their dollars locally, so they have seen their sales grow and our sales are growing right. Along with them, we have added more retail outlets, they are literally selling out of our product.
We had to deliver emergency MAC and cheese to folks on Wednesday having the space here at the Hyatt. For the first time we have actually been able to hold inventory, so we were able to meet their demand immediately. Will that MAC and cheese is a recipe you have been perfecting for fifteen years, Derek you are with Hyatt, and this is really really cool. What Hyatt has decided to do? As Kevin pointed out, many people want to buy local, want to buy American and want to buy local. What made Hyatt get into this concept. Well, you know at Hyatt we are guided by Hyatts purpose of care and in an effort to care for our local communities impacted by Covid 19. You know we introduced, Hyatt loves local, which is a worldwide effort to collaborate and uplift small businesses, while delivering local culinary inaudible. So it really allows us to connect with the community and its a really good feeling to be able to help, and in Kevinens case we have been very fortunate to have him at our
hotel working with him and providing our kitchen space, and so can he prepare his delicious MAC and cheese and its really gone a long way for his business and also just what we are about and our purpose of care as a company will not just businesses like Anna Bell. I know you have had barber shops on the roof and brought in other business us throughout the Hyatt facility. Have you been able to help many local businesses there in Atlanta and at other places where Hyatt has hotels really quickly Kevin three hundred percent sales increase this isnt, just something that feels good. This is actually helping your business as well, thats right, absolutely yeah. We are growing tremendously. We are incredibly honored, Seth Thomas and I met at local farmers. Market bonded around the locals and excited to work with them buy will wish you the best of look.
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