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If Judge Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court, she’ll make our country proud: former law clerk

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Former law clerk Mike Heckman joins 'Fox & Friends' to provide insight into Judge Amy Coney Barrett's career.
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Steve today is the day: Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as you can see right there arriving on Capitol Hill about fifteen minutes ago in what is expected to be a contentious nomination hearing over a number of days. What should we expect if she becomes justice, Barrett Ainsley MIKE H, E Gman clerked for her from 2018 2019, and he joins us now good morning. Thanks for having me Ainsley tell us your thought, abouts about her as a Supreme court justice. Every day I saw her piercing intellect and her tireless commitment to principles. That means getting the law right in every case and in her personal life, always standing up for her students, her family always doing what was right, Brian well ill. Tell you MIKE one thing comes to mind: she did write that she thought John Roberts had it wrong and
that the ACA was uni constitutional unconstitutional and she went to legal gymnastics in order to declare it was constitutional thats going to be brought up constantly. What do you think her answers going to be? Well, I think its clear that Judge Barrett has not prejudged any of the cases that come before her, but what we know about her is that she will apply the law as written. So if a case comes before her with the ACA, she will look at the law. She will look at the arguments, read the briefs and she will apply the law Steve Right MIKE. She has been described as a textualist and as an originalist. Can you just were going to hear that a lot today? Can you explain what each of those mean textualism is just applying the words that are written down Steve, the actual words thats right and originalism? Is that same principle applied to the constitution? The founders wrote the constitution. We have a written document and its the judges job to apply that the Supreme Courts job to apply the law as
it is not as I want it to be Ainsley. Do you believe she can interpret the law? Fair ily Democrats are worried about ROE V Wade, her overturning that, because of her catholic faith without question, she will be fair and balanced in every case. She will never apply her personal beliefs, whatever they may be. She will always apply what the law is. Shes been crystal clear on that time and time again from her statements. Shes made Brian MIKE last question. You look at her. Shes got all this prestige, but Democrats seem to go out of her way to rip her personally thats, going to be tough on people who know her like you, it is it is we everyone who knows her youve heard it from everyone across the spectrum, how wonderful? She is shes, truly a once in a generation woman and if shes confirmed to the Supreme Court shes going to make our country proud, Steve all right, MIKE former law clerk for judge.
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