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Incoming Republican Texas Congresswoman says radical left has been ‘destructive’

2020-11-11 | 🔗
Congresswoman-elect Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, says she hopes to work across the aisle with Democrats and ‘put people in front of politics.’
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Ainsley, well, you might Ainsley. Well, you might remember former Texas mayor Beth Vanduyne from her Texas reloaded ad, just in case you forgot here it is. I want to thank these officers for a job. Well done: hey Beth! When you are finished over there, Texas could use your help. Ainsley vandine, defeating her challenger in a close race. 24Th district joining me now is Congresswoman Elect Beth Vanduyne Good Morning to you, Congresswoman elect good morning its a mouthful good to be on this morning. You worked hard to have that title. Former mayor of Irving, Texas. You are parts of this new freshman class of republican congresswomen. Congratulations! What do you plan to do? I plan to roll up my sleeves and get some work done quite honestly, hoping to find Democrats willing to do the same. We have seen a tough election
across the country where, literally hundreds of millions, literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent its been a radical agenda. We have seen my opponent broken audio, the idea of defunding police and getting millions of jobs out of our economy and basically government policies that would take a lot of control out of the american people what they have been focused on. While that may be good for a party to look at a radical party democrat side, continuing im hoping have you got Democrats who are willing to stand up and speak out against the radical twitter trolls that have taken over and hijacked their party with conversations of defunding police and complete government take over and stripping people off their private healthcare insurance and really look at getting millions of jobs across the country. I think about the last two years and the opportunity that these Democrats had instead of focused
on political theater and focused on impeachment, if they had actually done policy issues that are hard work. The things like passing an infrastructure bill. You know where you would have had millions of jobs available to the american people workers when they needed it, the most good, paying jobs that arent republican jobs, arent democrat jobs, but are real jobs. That would have been important at time when we need them most. Instead of concentrating on things like impeachment and Russia collusion being able to work with Ainsley, you mentioned some of those issues. What is your reaction to this far radical left and Aocs? I think its been destructive im quite honestly, amazed that you dont have more Democrats who dont care about America and care about the pledge that they made when they got elected, to stand up to them and be willing to fight policy is tough, but we need to put people in front of politics and we need to put our policies
in front of party. I havent seen that as mayor, we were in Texas, nonpartisan im used to working with people of all kinds of parties and all kinds of politics to get policies passed and work on increasing jobs and opportunities and expanding and empowering those opportunities for american people. That will be my concentration working across the aisle to do whats best for America Ainsley. Well, congratulations. We look forward to following your career. Go there and fight for our country and its great that you.
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