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Interior Secretary Bernhardt on Washington Monument reopening with new safety measures

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt weighs in on protecting America’s monuments on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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There is an ongoing investigation, Brian Brian thanks, Jillian the Washington monument reopens today after being closed six months due to the coronavirus, what safety measures are being taken to protect visitors, and why is it so important for the american people to have access to our monuments right now, especially considering they have been under attack lets bring in the secretary of the Interior, David Barnhart? That is your portfolio, Mr Secretary, you and I walked this for a fox nation special we are going to hear about shortly. It was a thrill for me to walk the whole thing. How important is it? How special is today for you today is a big day, because, finally, we are at a point where we are reopening our Washington monument, which is a testament to our founding Father, George Washington and its phenomenal- that people can now come back, go up to the observation, deck and recognize this incredible tribute to our
leader, who serves really as a bee, con of hope to not only Americans but all humanity Brian took so long to build when they christened it was for George Washington in the audience, was Alexander Hamiltons widow and Dolly Madison James Madisons wife there for the special day and we went through the civil war before it was completed. America needs to see this story. How hard was it to shut it down? When so many come to Washington to see things like this? Actually, it was really a big disappointment to make the decision to shut down, but I actually went over and measured the spacing with a public health official early in the ear wrath the early the pandemic. We worked with officials to tailor our program that will have online ticketing will have good spacing throughout the memorial
and I think, to be open and to have people be inspired by this. Wonderful tribute is critical and everybody that walks through that memorial cannot help but leave with an incredible sense of the tremendous man and also the tremendous effort America has made to create an exceptional reality for all of humanity. Brian, Mr Secretary, there is something real serious about our monuments. They are being scrutinized. In fact, a board came up with one hundred and fifty three monuments and sites that should be taken down or changed in Washington D, DOT C, the Washington monument is somewhat under attack, yeah, its really incredible, and the reality is when you walk through that monument, and you have had an experience of walking down the stairs in the monument. What you seize is one hundred and ninety three carved stones. That really were a
tribute to the man himself and the context of this monument is one of people throughout the United States, recognizing the importance of both our founderrer of our nation, one of our founding fathers, but also the ideals of America and the President recognizes that and believes that, rather than tearing monuments down and removing them, we should be telling more american stories, because we have so many individuals that have done some great things as we strive every day to become a more perfect union Brian, but a lot of people dont feel that way, and sadly, a lot of Americans so thats. Why we see ropes around the Jackson statue to be taken down. Why did all of that stop for now? Well, the president took very bold action and laid out a directive to me to ensure that were protecting our monuments, but, more importantly, laid out a directive to the Department of
Justice. That basically said you are going to prosecute these folks and when you prosecute them they could be subject to up to ten years federal prison time and that got peoples attention. It made a huge difference. You know the president takes bold action. He is not one to wait around to see how the situation is going to change without a driving forward, and his leadership made a big difference here. Brian I know so many people come to Washington was disappointed. It was closed. That doesnt have to be the.
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