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Iowa congressional race comes down to 40 votes

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Iowa congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks gives an update on her House race.
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Ainsley Republicans declaring a Ainsley Republicans, declaring a victory in one of the closest congressional races in our country, Mariannette, Miller, Meeks, leading democratic challenger, Rita Hart by only forty votes thats in Iowas Second District Miller, Meeks Win, would add to the growing number of republican women elected to Congress. Joining me now to talk to B. Her race is Mariannette Miller, Meeks Good Morning to you good morning, Ainsley. How are you Ainsley im doing well, thank you so much. I noticed on social media. Have you declared a victory, but Fox NEWS has not called that AP has not called it yet. Why do you think? Have you already won? Well, the races in Iowa are very descriptive and very detailed. So, on election night we were ahead votes, but there is a process of provisional ballots and absentee ballots that have to be counted, but there is also within our code and our law that all of our counties have to do their audit and their canvassing, and that has to be done by Monday or Tuesday of this week and then those canvass have to
be certified by their Board of supervisors and turned into secretary of state. So yesterday all the official canvass were completed or on Tuesday all the official canvass were completed. We were ahead in votes, and so that makes us the winner of this election. That doesnt mean there is not processes that we still have to go through Ainsley. I know there were questions about jasper, county about Lucas, county whats, the status on those counties. Now because I understand there have been two recounts well Jasper County was that was a process by which we made very restrained in our public comments, because we wanted information, transparency and we wanted to know all the votes were counted. We had had ahead votes and in a matter of hours, we were subtraction of four hundred and six votes, which then put us behind our opponent, and we did not make any comments about any malicious intent, but we wanted to Noe what the process was,
how that happened, and we thought that the voters of the second congressional district needed to know that too every legal ballot should count. That process took the let of legal action in order to get some plausible explanation for why that happened, and we got that on Monday and then on Monday night, as that was transpiring, while Lucas County was doing their audit, they found in one of their precincts that if there were ballots two hundred and seventeen ballots cast for me that were not reported to the Secretary of State on election night and fifty four ballots for my opponent. That put me up ahead with the absentee ballots that were cured, the provisional ballots that were cured, and then this mistake uncovered within Lucas County. That then put us ahead, Ainsley. Okay, so you are running against Rita harsh. She did release a statement. She is a Democrat she said given multiple hours found in Jasper and Lucas County, given at the 11th hour, the county should take care to ensure they have counted every ballot and the totals are correct all right. Well, what do you plan to do in
Washington? What I plan to do in Washington is hit the ground running im, a person that I left home at sixteen after being severely burned in a fire to put myself through medical, school and nursing school, and so I am a person that is a 24 year. Military veteran, a doctor, former director of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the voters in the second district voted for someone to go to Washington in order to help get us through this pandemic. Prepare us for the next one address healthcare, rising healthcare costs, make it affordable and portable, tackle, prescription, drug benefits and rising, prescription, drug costs and then work on getting jobs and reopening our economy in the safe and effective manner. Part of that is infrastructure bill for our area, and I have done those things in our state Senate as a state senator in a bipartisan manner, working together across the aisle to do those things, and I will do those things and hit the ground running in Washington, D, DOT, C, Ainsley, okay, we wish you all the best. Thank you so much for coming on with us.
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