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Iran unveils new missiles as White House vows 'snapback'

2020-08-21 | 🔗
Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane says Europe needs to get on board with Trump administration policy on Iran.
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Expected back in court on August, Brian IRAN unveiled two brand new missiles. Yesterday, this coming after the Trump Adminitration announced plans to snapback or restore or previously suspended, U Dot, N sanctions and IRAN Secretary of State MIKE Pompeo, addressing the sanctions. Yesterday, our message is very, very simple: the United States will never allow the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism to trial it buy and sell planes, tanks, missiles and other kinds of conventional weapons. Brian, I know, but will they lets bring in Fox NEWS, senior strategic analyst and retired four star General Jack Keane General? How much trouble are we in here convincing the rest of the world to do the right thing? Well, its a struggle to be sure, particularly with the Europeans they are trying to hold on to the fragments of the nuclear deal or the so called Jcpoa, which was crafted in twenty fifteen, and we know that that deal has been fundamentally flawed because it
actually permits IRAN to have a nuclear weapon if they so desire with no restrictions whatsoever. So the Trump Adminitration in two thousand and eighteen walked away from that deal, and the Europeans, the other parties and the Russians and the Chinese have all tried to hold on to that deal and as a part of that deal, that has an arms embargo that is due to expire in October of this year and the administration. Obviously doesnt want IRAN to have those weapons, given the money that they received from their relief of the sanctions as well, because their behavior has not changed. In fact, they have doubled down on their behavior, since the nuclear deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen in terms of their aggressive behavior. So this administration has committed itself to, and I agree with it, to stop IRAN from having the tools to implement their very aggressive strategy at the expense of all of our allies in the region. Thats. What is at the heart of this Brian general? I dont want to
get you involved in politics, but is there a sense that the world is waiting for November three and thinking that John Kerry is going to get his old job back and tape? This thing together that was never even passed as a treaty that didnt have. The support of Democrats like Schumer. Is that what you think youre a good strategist? Well, I think as much as this election. Obviously in the United States, like all elections, has huge impact on domestic policy, and it also has impact on foreign policy and the minds of our leaders, one of the issues dealing with the Snapback sanctions. What the United States will likely get approved because they will veto the measure to wave the sanctions, which is the position we have now. The reality is the Europeans and likely the Russians and Chinese will pull out all the stops to delay that vote until after the election, and you see the same thing manifested
dealing with North Korea, North Koreas, refusing to negotiate with the Trump adminitration after we pulled away from them in Vietnam because they refused to put any deal on the table, but they are also refusing to negotiate theyre waiting out the election same thing with the IRAN Yankees es. I believe they will eventually negotiation with the United States because they are back on their heels and they have huge problems, not only economic problems, but huge problems with civil unrest in their country on a scale theyve never seen before Brian, but theyre waiting also for the results of that election. Yes, so elections in the United States, the global leader of the world, always matter Brian more now than ever, because its going to be so dramatically different, the iraqi Prime Minister came and visited the president yesterday. This guy has a lot of promise. It seems he does not want IRAN in that country and hes. Looking for the? U DOT s help. Is he going to get it yeah? I mean this prime
minister has, I think so far, has shown some real courage and standing up to the iranian backed iraqi proxies, who have been contributing to so much of the violence inside Iraq and he pushed back on him and gained the support of the iraqi people, and it tells you something that the Iranians, who have political influence inside Iraq do not want him to be the prime minister. The United States did, and that is why his first out of the region international visit is to the White House. Here is where I think we are. The president keeps talking about getting out of Iraq. Eventually, we obviously will. We still have a mission there, because ISIS is still alive, not defeated, although theyve lost all their territory and were assisting the Iraqis in dealing with that well likely reduce our forces, but continue to assist them, as I think where we are just as we are doing in
Afghanistan with lesser forces, just as were doing in Syria with lesser forces. I believe that will be the path going forward to continue the mission, but at the minimum strength required, but because the mission is vital to u dot S national interest, it will continue Brian and last time we left. We got the JV team now known as ISIS and the last time we had iranian deal. It was Israel.
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