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Is 25 percent capacity for indoor dining enough for businesses to stay afloat?

2020-09-01 | 🔗
New Jersey reopens indoor dining; Allendale Bar & Grill and Mahwah Bar & Grill owner Craig Kunisch speaks out.
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Peetsd PETE restaurants in new Peetsd PETE, restaurants in New Jersey, getting the green light to reap he reopen Phi driveway with some restrictions. Is this if you have to save struggling businesses, the owner of Allen, Dale BAR and grill, and bar and grill in New Jersey Greg? Thank you so much for being here, thanks for having me PETE sixteen days to flatten the curve, one hundred and fifty days, at least here we are with twenty five percent. Can you gave your business going forward going into the winter where you cant just rely on outdoor dining? Is this good enough? Twenty five percent is a step in the right direction and thats all we have been pleading for the past couple of months to make a step. We have that step going forward. We cant stand still now got to keep that forward. Progress going PETE New Jersey looks great compared to New York City, where De Blasio said June of twenty twenty one its lunacy. What theyre talking about with indoor dining here its a step in the right direction? Do you have hope that as the
weather gets colder, it will go to fifty seventy five percent businesses? You cant make money im no expert, but twenty five percent is probably not going to get it done. Twenty five percent doesnt work from a sustainability and survival standpoint. You know we you have your overh and staff. We have to bring in darn near full staff, even at twenty five percent to kind of get it done. I cant go to my bank and say: can I send you twenty five percent of my mortgage? Can I pay twenty five percent of my utilities? Can I send twenty five percent of my property tax, so we all need to be at one hundred percent. There is no doubt about it in order to be around for a long time, our two places have been blessed with incredibly supportive community where we have been rocking the outdoors and have the outdoor space. There are so many restaurateurs that didnt have that opportunity that are struggling to stay afloat now that they are going inside again its that good initial first step but are kind of scream now is to just keep news
mind to Governor Murphy. Dont take your eye off of us and we are going to get this done. We are going to do it really really well, we are going to do it safely. There is so much that we do as operators to ensure our guests safety. We will prove that we can do that at twenty five percent. We ask that when the data comes back and says this is going great, then lets look at fifty lets. Look at seventy five and lets sooner or later get back to where we need to be for the long term, not just to get through the winter, but for survival forever. Pete amen. We have been in business since one thousand nine hundred and thirty five. We have got to keep this thing going. You say data as it per saints to one hundred percent. I have been to walmarts and Kmarts and Lowes in New Jersey. They are open one hundred percent dolls. The data say that that was okay for the last six months does it feel like they are picking winners and losers. Here I dont know where all of the decision making you know energy is coming from.
The only thing that we can do is kind of take what we are given and do our best with it. So right now we were told twenty five percent and we have been as the New Jersey, restaurant Hospitality Association has been working tremendously hard nonstop go, go, go on getting a step forward. We just need a step forward. We have that step forward coming Friday, but we cant stop moving PETE, absolutely.
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