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Is anyone safe from the ‘cancel culture’ mob?

2020-08-11 | 🔗
Model and former Trump campaign staffer Elizabeth Pipko shares her journey to conservatism in her book ‘Finding My Place: Making My Parents’ American Dream Come True.’
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Carley, do we even need the Carley? Do we even need the Republican Party, Washington, Post Self proclaimed conservative columnist getting slammed for asking that in her latest op ed in it, Jennifer Rubin criticizes the Trump cultists she says are driving the party into the ground. Elizabeth Pipko joins me, column says. Maybe the real question is not what the Republican Party will believe or whether we need it at all. Perhaps there is no decent party of the right to be had. What is your response to that number? One wow in general, it seems, like everything has been so politicized, latelying theres, nothing to take from that,
except for an attempt to divide the country. Further its an you attempt attempt to M the Republican Party must be divided in the country. Carley we have tv shows getting canceled tv getting canceled. The latest was the Goya CEO speaking at the White House, and supporting the president. Celebrities are speaking out against cancel culture. Rickrickrickey Gervais says this: its choosing not to watch a completan because you dont, like them, thats everyones right when people are trying to get someone fired because they dont, like their opinion about something thats, nothing to do with their job thats. What I call cancel culture and thats, not cool singer, Kelly Roland said im, so grateful God, never canceled me and im sure he could have many times. Let us try to remember not to judge others. We honestly dont have the
space nor authority to do so, which I think is a beautiful statement. It seems like people are really reveling in the downfall of others. How did we get here? And what can we do to fix this? Its absolutely awful its weird, because people obviously see the cancel culture mob coming for anyone in their tracks, its bigger than that we have a new generation of people growing up that are going to be kept from anything that might make them slightly uncomfortable and we dont realize thats, probably going to keep them from growing up to be well rounded individuals Carley. I know you had experience with cancel culture yourself. You are a model, you know thats one of the top agencies out there, and then you came out as a trump supporter. What was that experience like for you? It was really hard. It was strange because to me I was just excited to be a 21 year old, getting the opportunity of a lifetime to work on the campaign.
I didnt know it would go to the White House, but it was a campaign that was going to make history. The fact that I was judged by something as tiny as a vote without anyone knowing who I am apart from that it was hard its scary to know people were dealing with that all across the country. Carley you have a book coming out on August, 25th called finding my place, making my parents american dream, come true, and you detail your story in that book and we want to congratulate you for it. Coming out. It also comes out on the 40th forty anniversary of your fathers escape from the Soviet Union, which im sure is something that youyour family is very proud. Tha.
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