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Is the Biden campaign running away from policy issues that matter to Americans?

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Bernie Sanders insists victory for Biden is no 'slam dunk'; Heritage Action executive director Jessica Anderson weighs in.
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The chaos and anarchy for the the chaos and anarchy for the left provides a contrast for the frump Administration and President Trump offer for our future yeah sure he needs to galvanize Bernie voters. No one is getting excited because stands on issues and what his policy would look like. Does that policy make any sense at this point? No, it doesnt, I think we have seen Mr Biden, be very slow to the table in defining what his platform is actually about when he has. He has wrapped it around the Bernie Sanders unity Task force, for instance, which has incredibly slos policies advancing forward for America. You saw Biden this weekend waiting nearly twelve hours to condemn the violence and the shootings of the pliforts in l dot A is he slow to the table to provide strength and leadership, and that is concerning to all
Americans, including me that look to our president and our administration to provide safety and security in our neighborhoods d, dot C was slow to report on violence as well. Violence as well know action, no Peaceno police tell us about the billboards and if, if we can lets see them, Americans want safety and security we are out. We are rolling out these billboards today with a these billboards today with a very message: no police, no peace. We know that the only chance this country has for safety and security is with a strong law enforcement. So we want to put these billboards in place like Times Square Dallas, Atlanta, Georgia, to really send a message that millions of
Americans do back. The blue do support law enforcement and want to encourage our politicians our pundits to be strong in their support for law enforcement, to push back against the violence, to push back against the anarchy and do it in a way that provides safety and security in a meaningful way at the local level. Thats. Also why the billboards push to our police pledge, which has hundreds of elected officials already on board, committed to not allow any bill resolution or movement which would be from the police Jedediah. You know Jessica. Some people in these cities deeply concerned about these defund, the police movements. Looking out for the safety of themselves, their businesses, their families, to support this people can go to police pledge, dot com. Thank you. So much for being here.
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