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It’s been ‘very, very difficult’ to keep business running amid coronavirus lockdowns: California business owner

2020-12-07 | 🔗
Matchless IT owner Nick Kershner questions whether small businesses in the state will be able to survive another lockdown.
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Brian California, Governor Gavin Newsom locks down his state once again, some business owners are closing their doors and leaving the state for good next guest is considering doing the exact same thing joining us now, matchless it in long Beach, NIC you dont depend on walk ins. You depend on other businesses thriving, so you can use your expertise. How has this affected your business? You are absolutely right and thank you for having me this morning. We serve almost every other business in the industry, ones being affected by the lockdowns. How this effects us is. I think a great example of what is going to happen with our economy. Coming is trickle down effect as they get hit and they lose tricks over to us its been very. Did he difficult difficult, Brian locked down your entire state? Thirty three million people basically say stay home and we are not going to supply any type of supplies or paychecks. For
example, Sal pay grounds, zoos, museums, shut down, retail store capacity. Twenty percent travel and leisure use of hotels are banned. Catering band, the governor, is looking out for you isnt that reassuring. I dont necessarily know that theyre looking out for us, you will actions speak louder than words. They dont believe in heir own edigits and its so its going to be increasingly difficult. Frankly, I dont know any businesses are going to be able to survive another intense lockdown like we are in right now, Brian. We know this. Two thirds of this country living paycheck to paycheck NIC. Take that paycheck away its already been done. Unfortunately, we come out of money put away for years. Its been increasingly difficult. Every single week have to start looking at other options. Brian NIC, do you have a lease?
We have a lease that lease is up in about three months: Brian right. They need to get paid. They owe the bank money a lot of times. Bank needs to get back, governors still gets paid and legislators get paid your own good. We are going to stop everyone from working just stay home at stare at the wall. That will keep you safe, absolutely absolutely Sheila, cool outdoor dining, most dangerous thing. You can do vote down to shut down outdoor dining and immediately goes to dinner. Afterwards. None of it makes any sense that is the mostest from frustrating part for people. Not only does it not make sense, im not getting paid at the same time and I cant go to work and go out and visit friends. The virus, isnt regional. The pick and choose policies that the politicians put out are regional, Brian whats going to be left. You are killing us in order to save us,
and meanwhile they say lockdowns dont work, w dot, HO dont work and Dr Fauci lockdowns dont work. They lock us down and use different names for it. Nice try. We are in the same hell. You are here in New York, NIC, keep.
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