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Jack Brewer on GOP, Democrats at odds over police reform plans

2020-07-19 | 🔗
CEO of the Brewer Group, Jack Brewer, weighs in on calls to dismantle and defund police departments on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Icon who died Friday night after a bought with pancreatic cancer Jedediah were now going to bring in Jack Brewer former NFL Player Advisory Board member black voices for Trump welcome to the show, as always, your thoughts on the passing of Congressman Lewis. To start what a legend you know, our heart, as Americans should go out to his family and really this is a time to reflect on the history of a man who was arrested over forty times fighting civil rights. In a time when our country was so divided, he stood up against Jim Crow laws, then worked basically half of his life on voter rights for african Americans who didnt even get a chance to go cast a ballot just decades ago. It is just a reminder it wasnt that long ago. It also shows you how far we have come in this country in America to see a man who could have lived to see so
much division and live a life and see african Americans go on to do so. Many great things- and you know it is just a time as America to come together- come together around the Mans legacy that meant so much to our country, Griff Jack. That is a great point we should aspire. Our words should mean so much John Lewis never lost hope in the greatness of America that we could change. It t was a great true non violent warrior. I want to take you to another topic. As we look forward Jack what to do about police reform. It appears that some Democrats now are hoping that we just push that into the next administration, whether it is Trump or Biden. Here is a quote from Representative Bobby Rush on holding off on police reform. Right now talking to the hill newspaper, rather than coming up with a police piece of the police Reform ACT, we should
move this over to after the election with something more powerful. We dont want to make a mockery of this moment. We dont want something to pass into the law that is weak, watered down and white washed. What do you think that is very unfortunate Democrats so often, especially on criminal justice reform? They put politics over the people. They did the same thing for decades with criminal justice as they kept so many black men mass incarcerated in our prisons across America. You know Barack Obama came into office and had the House and Senate and they all refused to pass the bill. Joe Biden wrote those laws. Now criminal justice reform were seeing the exact same approach, youre, seeing a party who is concerned about how much money they can raise in the fund raising theyre certained with the politics who gets credit for this, or that it is time to put people first. Im, sick and tired of seeing this Americans should be sick and tired of seeing this seeing a country where we elect
these officials and they dont put our best interests at heart. We need police reform. Now the police need that, where police officers are cant even go and feel safe at work, citizens in some part of our country, dont feel safe. When they get pulled over. It is time to put protocols in place to bring law and order to this nation and protect our most vulnerable people. It makes no sense to put off a policy in a time when our country was so divided, Jason Jack part of the reason theyre doing that Nancy Pelosi has Congress in session just for a few more days. They really dont have time based on Nancy Pelosis Calendar. I want to get your quick reaction, what you see in the violence in New York, Chicago and in Portland, because they have had riots going on in Portland for weeks now, and there is a conflict because they dont want the feds. They dont want Donald Trump to protect federal buildings. For instance. What is your reaction to that?
It is very sad first off Jason. It is sad that were just now highlighting these issues. You know all of my adult life ive been watching the streets of our inner cities, get worse and worse, ran by drug dealers ran by people fighting for turf, and it has to end it has to stop. The mainstream media wont cover it now. People are starting to cover it just because it is actually helping conservatives to show America what is going on in our streets so on both sides. Im tired of it im tired of everyone using politics to get control and gain power and putting it over the people. This has to stop. These are all democratic red cities. No one be confused. Every single city and town that you see is ran by a Democrat. They have the power and authority, they have attorney general offices, they have mayors, they have local elected officials that could stop some of this mess if they really wanted to, but they refuse to do it.
You know at some point you have to give back to God. You got to get back to biblical principles in our nation. Do what is right? Stop fighting so hard for power, start putting people first, loving our neighbor like ourselves. Instead of looking at our own best interests. Democrats, who are leaders, know theyre cities are being torn apart. They know in their core what theyre doing they are trying to gain political points. They are appeevessing instead of leading, unfortunately, Jack the reality. If the local Democrats and politicians refuse to do anything about it, the feds have no choice but to step up. People live in the communities, communities need to be kept.
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