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Jack Keane on the expiration of a UN arms embargo on Iran

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane weighs in on the expiration of a UN arms embargo on Iran that banned the country from purchasing foreign weapons including fighter jets.
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Pete, a chilling new report warning the: U Dot S about Chinas view to take Americans hostage if the Doj doesnt drop its prosecution of chinese scientists, the Wall Street Journal reporting quote the chinese message has been blunt: the: U Dot, s should drop prosecutions of chinese scholars in american Courts or Americans in China might find themselves in violation of chinese law here, to discuss Fox news, senior strategic analyst and retired four star General Jack Keane General thanks. So much for being here were going to get comments on IRAN and Russia as well, but what the? U dot? S is saying that these scientists, concealed from immigration authorities, their active duty status with the Peoples Liberation Army, therefore weve detained them. Should we take seriously that China will do the same to American? This is oh yeah. Absolutely first of all, this is so called visa. Proud to these are actually research fraud. These are actually research scientists here to do what to spy
theyre here to conduct espionage. They got caught at it and theyve been arrested. China wants to retaliate theyve done this kind of realuation with the Canadians Realuation with the Canadians. Now theyve got two of them arrested chinese executives from Huawei. They have arrested x, theyve also done it with the Australians and Swedes were arresting spies. What China will likely do is detain Americans who have done nothing. They are not guilty of anything. So in that sense its not like the cold war with the Soviet Union, we arrested their spies, we arrested ours and we exchanged them at at some point. So yes, when you started out and said theyre hostages, that would be an appropriate description of what the Chinese intend to do. Pete its such a demonstration of the rule of law, of course, theyre in violation, so theyre arrested over there that doesnt matter theyll find any reason whatsoever and certainly could escalate the
tension between us and China. There has been a arms embargo to IRAN that has now expined under the Iranian Nuclear deal that President Trump pulled us out of. Why would this allowed to expire for IRAN and what will it mean yeah? This is another flaw in that so called Jcpoa or nuclear deal that the Obama administration entered into with IRAN in twenty fifteen. It meant that in five years- and here we are two thousand and twenty five years later, the nuclear excuse me, the weapons embargo that was imposed is over and it means that they cant sell and they cant buy and, as you said, all advance missiles, tanks, airplanes, etc. The reason why the embargo was there is because Irans behavior aggressively and malign behavior destabilizing the Middle EAST war in Syria. War in Yemen,
using Iranian backed approximate, is says in Iraq, proxies in Iraq attacking Israel through Syria on a regular basis using rockets and everything. The fact is that behavior is what the embargo was trying to stop and the nuclear deal has now because it is so fundamentally flawed. The nuclear deal is permitting that arms embargo to go away and the United States tried to do manager about it, went to the U dot N tried to get a resolution passed to extend the deal which makes sense, and that resolution failed so heres where we are and thats the fact. The Iranians are strapped for money, though so theyre not going to be able to buy a lot because of the? U dot? S, sanctions that are imposed on them, Russia and china- are the likely candidates to sell to them for sure. As we go forward, PETE Unbelievable, the White House has rejected Vladimir Putin. He responded to the: U Dot S nuclear arms proposal that was negotiated under the Obama, Slash Biden
administration. So where are we on missiles and whether or not we should be in an agreement with Russia? And why does it matter? Well, this is the s dot, ta, DOT, Rt Treaty, and this is a treaty that restricts the number of nuclear weapons that the United States and Russia can have and its the treaty. That makes enormous sense and helps to maintain stability in the world. The restriction sod number is our numbers around one thousand, seven hundred each, and what are we talking about ballistic and submarine missiles that nuclear weapons out of silos and submarines? Also air drirred nuclear bombs from our strategic bombers, thats where the restriction is and what were trying to do is extend it another. Five years the United States thought we had a deal over a week ago, PETE when our negotiators said listen. The Russians is have agreed at least to a framework not signed the deal yet, but to framework that
will extend the treaty a year and they will freeze all nuclear weapons development within twenty four hours. The Russians came out and said, thats a fantasy. So something happened there. Speculation is Putin got into this said. No. I dont want to do that and further speculation and thats all it is is that he didnt want to give President Trump a huge political victory close to the election PETE Interesting General Jack, Keane breaking it all down for us. We really.
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