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Janice Dean, who lost in-laws to COVID-19, on Cuomo's new book on handling of pandemic

2020-10-13 | 🔗
'I don't know any governor in the middle of a pandemic that should release a book especially this one,' Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean says.
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How did you not know the virus was coming to the United States Steve our own Janice Dean who lost both her in laws to the virus is one of the many still waiting for answers from the governor. She joins us right now, Janice Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve Steve lets start at the most painful part. What happened to your in laws? Well, my father in LAW Micky died in a nursing home. He was getting rehab, so he could. He was getting rehab, so he could join his life bee in her assisted living facility close to her home. They both needed care twenty four hours, thats why we had to make that decision to have them in assisted living facility. His dad died of Covid in late March and his mom died two weeks later, but her number is not counted because she died in the hospital, even though she got covid in her assisted living facility. Steve right here in New York State famously the governor said that
it was okay to send covid patients back into nursing homes, and you and many others feel that that is a contributing factor to the death of so many people in the assisted living and the elder care homes. Right. Of course, the governor knew this. In the beginning he was quoted as the saying it was like fire through dry graduates to put covid patients into nursing homes, but did he it for forty six days? His name is on that order. By the way you cannot find that order on the health department website, because its been scrubbed and we still dont, have the total number of patients that died from Covid that were in nursing homes and now, with his book tour I mean I dont know any governor in the middle of a pandemic that should release a book, especially this one. I have to tell you. It just makes our grief worse to see him promoting a book like this and dodging the questions when hes being asked Steve right. We have not seen the book yet it comes out today. We dont know whether or not he
does address it, but nonetheless people like you, have been asking the question you and others have called for an investigation, and nobody has gotten anywhere, no, unfortunately not, and if he is not guilty, why we encourage a bipartisan investigation into what happened in the nursing homes. I continue to try to spread the message and speak for those who dont have voices, and I will continue to do so. Im going to Albany tomorrow, Steve to speak on behalf of all the people that have loved ones in nursing homes and they havent seen them for seven months because of the governors restrictions Steve. The name of his book is american crisis leadership, lessons from the covid pandemic. First of all, it sounds like the pandemic is over. If you are talking about the lessons learned. Nonetheless, you would think if you were talking about the lessons learned, you would address that big issue about how
tens of thousands of people died in New York state. I also blame the media because the interviews he has done aside from Willie Geist yesterday on NBC, he did an interview on CBS Sunday morning and they never even asked him about the nursing homes, its also the fault of the mainstream media, who wont ask him the questions and get the tough answers Steve. I will tell you what we would like continue to variety him on our show. If he would like to come on governor, we have lots of questions and Janice will join us, because nobody is more of an expert on this than you.
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