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Jason Chaffetz on the impact of Trump coronavirus diagnosis

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Axios questions if the 2020 campaign trail is over for the Trump administration following the president's diagnosis; reaction from Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz
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Would they stuff, if there is not punishment, exactly will? After president trumps diagnosis, some are questioning whether the campaign is effect testifily over the campaign, calling it the worst nightmare, many calling it the campaigns worst nightmare. What does it mean for the campaign ahead? We have former chairman of the government Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, thanks for being here, you saw the headlines. Axios is saying the campaign is effectively over. I think the good folks at Axios can close their doors for the next month. Are you kidding me? There is a vice presidential debate on Wednesday. You have two more presidential debates. Donald Trump will be back on the campaign trail before we know it. There is a lot of campaigning left to go. I got to tell you. The person who should be really worried is Joe Biden, because Donald Trump has been crisscrossing, this country, showing energy enthusiasm and his plan to regenerate the economy. For years,
Joe Biden has been the one that has getting cappuccino hanging out in the basement. He is the one that hasnt been out on the campaign trail. So look a campaign is also bigger than Donald Trump. I have been in Missouri Iowa. I was in Ire, Arizona and Nevada. The energy enthusiasm for Donald Trump is there. It is silence for Joe Biden, you dont, hear and see it. Will we packed twelve months of news into the past week. Every single day has been basically earthquake level news story with thirty days to go. I cant imagine were done talking about things that could impact this campaign. That being said, Jason, I do get the sense. Many people already made up their mind. There are certainly independent voters swing voters out there. I guess, are still evaluating issues. My question: what are the issues? What can still swing a voter at this point? Yeah I tend to agree with you will I think most people understand who they are going to vote for.
At this point, I think those it is a matter of who actually shows up sew. For instance, when I was in Arizona we were talking about getting out the vote, calling neighbors friend getting them to get out the vote. So I think those people that are somewhat relurk tant to actually weigh in and have their vote taken in Michigan last year, last election Donald Trump won by some ten thousand votes. That is about two votes per precinct, so every vote counts in Florida everywhere else in Pennsylvania, people need to get out and vote, but I think youre right. I think most people understand where theyre going to vote at this point will therefore more about passion and turnout, perhaps than swinging somebodys vote. That is why I think Donald Trump has the huge advantage. I have really do. I have to ask you about this Jason. You spent many years in Congress. Look there are Americans out there that need help. There are government mandate shutdowns for months affecting the economy. This week, Congress
was capable of passing a bill to avoid a government shutdown also to keep representatives paychecks coming in. Yet no progress on a stimulus bill to help the american people whose businesses have been forced to close down what needs to happen Jason to get this aid to the american people. Well, look Nancy Pelosi is notorious for passing continuing resolutions. I tend to think having served in Congress when she was the speaker and when she was actually in the minority, I dont think Nancy Pelosi personally has any desire to get this done. She asked for ridiculous amount of money. I think she thinks politically, people hurting and suffering a little bit going into the election is good for her politically. I think that is how she thinks. That is my personal opinion on that its sad, its wrong. There are people with another. Four hundred dollars makes a big big difference in their lives. Shame on her and the Democrats
asking for such an absurd amount of money. There is no possible way to make that happen with things nothing to do with Covid 19. By the way the Democrats overstepped their hand and the american people think about it. Will when the government forces people to shut down, they should play a hand helping them out. We have a little bit of time. Here is what President Trump tweeted yesterday our great USA wants and needs stimulus work together, get it done. Thank you quickly, Jason. What is your reaction amen? I think the Republicans have been there to do that, but spending bills originate in the House of Representatives per the United States constitution. So if Nancy Pelosi just wants to eat her ice cream and to have non essential employees that dont show up to work there in the Congress, this is what you got will they can clearly many come together to make sure their.
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