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J.D. Vance on Netflix film depicting his family, past

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Venture capitalist and author J.D. Vance tells ‘Fox & Friends’ about his book being turned into a Netflix movie called ‘Hillbilly Elegy’.
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Ainsley weve been telling you Ainsley weve, been telling you about a Michigan restaurant owner speaking up after he went viral interrupting a local reporter making case against state lockdowns and devastating impact on american small businesses. Watch our so called leaders using tax money to pay themselves to ruin. Businesses and our lives does not make much sense to me. You can only be backed in a corner for so long im frustrated with the way things are handled. Suffering of the people has to be told, Steve somebody who knows something about fighting best, something about fighting best selling author of hillbilly elegy, Jd Vance Good Morning Steve. They are not getting any help. The only person they can rely on are themselves. What do you make of what we are seeing right now in the face of all these lockdowns and restrictions?
Yeah, I think there are a couple of things going on. First is just the fundamental unfairness of it right. You have politicians who are are instituting lockdown orders where they are not following themselves. One thing Americans are told to follow rules and the people who are creating the rules arent following them themselves. The other thing I take from listening to guy from Michigan. We have done a lot as a society to shut down the businesses to make them harder to operate, and we havent actually provided relief to the business owners or the workers who rely on those things. This is something that, of course, the president hammered on about the last couple months of the campaign. We have to provide relief to the american working and middle class. I have no idea what our politicians are actually doing, but you cant help but hurt for that guy who is having livelihood destroyed and nobody is really helping them and thats. What depresses me?
Nobody is helping this guy, despite causing real damage to him. Ainsley well lets talk about the movie. We loved your book. We had you on a few times to talk about, and you have the movie on Netflix and Steve, and I both watched it, and we have been talking about it all morning. Folks at home dont know the stories all the struggles of growing up in the Appalachian Hills and the struggles of your mother loved you, God bless her, but she was addicted to heroin and how you say she got cleaned, but your grandmother, she protected you and you came from this- really messed up family and you joined the Marines. You go to Ohio State and you go to Yale LAW School and you wrote the book and youre so loyal to your family. How did this become a movie? Are you shocked when I watched this im like this is amazing that you came from that and you have made so much of your life. Well, I appreciate that and it became a movie because obviously a lot of people identified the story. I didnt
initially want to make it into a movie, but I became persuaded that it turned into a movie. The story would go to more people and consequently, it might have a bigger impact and so its pretty surreal to see your family turn into a movie, especially as you mentioned, Ainsley my Mama grandmother, its really the most important and powerful person in my life she passed away over a decade ago, but to see her sort of brought to life on the big screen is really almost impossible to describe first time my aunt, my mom, my uncle saw as Mamma incredible emotional moment for the family, its been a pretty positive experience. I know some folks dont like it when their book is turned into a movie for us its weird from time to time, but certainly been overall, pretty fun and pretty positive Steve. Well, it is a powerful
movie and your grandma is played by Glenn close shes dead on Ainsley nailed. It Steve here is a clip of Glenn close playing your grandma in hillbilly elegy. You have to go to school to have a chance whats the point im talking about a chance. You might not make it, but you sure hell wont if you dont try. You have to decide if you want to be somebody or not Steve, she told you advice like that, and you never forgot it. She did obviously its emotional even just to listen to those clips. You know what what Mamma really embodies and what I hope folks see when they see the movie is incredible: resilience that existed in our family. We had real problems.
There was addiction, there was family trauma instability, but there was a lot of resilience and strength there. I think Mamma made sure that we got through it and no matter what we went through. She got through it. Mamma died after I joined the marine corps in two thousand and five, and she just we wanted to get me out of the house. She wanted to make the house she wanted to make sure I had a chance and then she sort she gave you a push, and you did the rest Ainsley where we come from is who we are, but we choose every day who we become. My family is not perfect, but they gave me who I am and they gave me chances. They never had. My future is our shared legacy, youre, so sweet to your mom and family and im glad shes doing well. Now, God bless you thanks guys good talking to.
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