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Jeremy Hunt: Why this Black man voted for Perdue and Loeffler

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Georgia native Jeremy Hunt says a vote for the left in the Senate runoffs is a vote to supplant American culture with a new unrecognizable version of itself.
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Will just one week away from will just one week away from the Senate runoffs in the balance of power hanging in the balance of these races, the next guest has already cast his vote for the incumbent g dot op senators in a new Fox NEWS, Op Ed, he warns a vote for the left is not just a vote for liberal politics, its a vote to supplant american culture with a new unrecognizable version of itself. Here, with more is Georgia native Jeremy Hunt. Thank you for being with us. Tell us what you mean. Why is this about more than just the liberal agenda more than just liberal politics? Well, you know. I have realized that this election. You know it really has been kind of a relate check for me. You know up until this point. I have voted for myself and voted for what I think I am realizing that im actually having to vote for the future. This is serious election and when you think about Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress controlling the Senate and the House and the White House, you
know we are, they are able to basically transform american political culture and really codify their vision for the United States in a way that should concern all of us. You know, and my wife- and I we recently a year ago we had our first child and I think about as a young dad, I think about how so many much my decisions affect her and voting is one of those and I think about what kind of America too. I want her to grow up in. Do I want her to grow up in America, where she is told that socialism is good and America is evil? Do I want her to grow up in America, where everything that she does has to be a product of her race and identity politics? Well, to me, the answer to that question is no so thats why I couldnt support Warnock or ossoff. In this election I had to support the incumbent g dot. Op senators will realm focus in on one line on your op, Ed, on Foxnews DOT, com, Jeremy, its really interesting Raphael, Warnock and Jon. Ossoff are radical in redefining what it means to be an American.
In your estimation, how is it they define being an American? Well, you can look at the rhetoric Warnock I mean, as I wrote in the op ed. He clearly, you know just kind of shrugged at Marxism in his book he has talked about how you know its totally fine. What Reverend Wright said about you know the sermon. I dont even want to say it on the news here, how he condemned America, so their history speaks for them and the words they used in the past speaks for them. They want to redefine America as this purely evil place, instead of the beacon of hope that we have been for generations- and, yes, America, isnt perfect, but we are always getting better and better with each passing generation thats the message that we have to pass on to our children thats the message that inspired me to serve and thats the message that we need to continue teaching to each passing generation in our country will will you may have begun to answer this question thats all
right? We only have a minute left. I still want to clarify it with you if thats, how Raphael, Warnock and Jon Ossoff define America. In your estimation, how do you define America exactly I mean its all about. Looking at history can saying: okay, we have made mistakes, but how do we go about fixing those mistakes? What have we con to overcome those mistakes and how have we defeated evil here at home, with slavery and Jim Crow and also defeated evil abroad and back to back world wars? When I say im proud to be an American, its, not just a slogan for me, its my reality will absolutely Jeremy. I think America has proven to be the greatest experiment in human history. That doesnt mean its perfect, but a good job of trying to strive to be better every step of the way, really good perspective check it out at Foxnews, DOT, com.
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