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Jessie James Decker dishes on debut cookbook ‘Just Feed Me’

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Country music star Jessie James Decker shares her favorite recipes in her first cookbook on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Mom and this morning add cookbook author to that list. Her very first cookbook, just feed me simply delicious recipes from my heart to your plate is out today and Jessie joins us now from her kitchen in Nashville to tell us all about it. Hi Ainsley! You were on our show a few years ago when you had your lifestyle book, but this is your first full cookbook right. This is my first official cookbook and im over the moon today about it. Ainsley thats, wonderful, tell us what gave you this idea. Why did you want to do this? Honestly? I think it was my fans and my followers. They were always messaging me every time I was cooking, something or doing a story or posting something and they kept asking for the recipe, so I thought id put it all in one place, so I can get these recipes that I make in my kitchen. So they were my inspiration Ainsley. If you have not watched her reality show she is such a bright light with the best personality and she close with her mom. Her faith is important to her. She has a sister we watched her get married and have her baby on the show watched you with your three kids. I dont
know how you have time to do everything you do. We see you in all of the commercials in your cute little bathing suit for the diet, ads youre, so precious ive got a good family and a good support system. Ainsley you do. My mom is so im just very blessed in that I could not do all of this. Ainsley does Eric help. You cook hes a Soux chef, Ainsley, oh good! What are you making for us today im going to make my breakfast tacos? We lived in Texas for a while and in San Antonio for a little bit, so we picked up these breakfast tacos, but what I like to do is put them on the grill or stove top and olive oil and fry them up real good, so really simple, but really delicious and take our scrambled eggs here and just throw them in. But youve got to make sure you fry the tacos first thats, the most important part keep the bacon and if you dont want to cook it, you buy it like this
Ainsley. How many would you add, Steve Scalise here, Clapping Steve, all Bacon Ainsley? What kind of cheese do you put on im going to do light shred, ded, mexican cheese here and then were going to add some avocado here and then after that were going to salt and pepper it a little pepper, a little salt Ainsley? I want to watch you wrap it because thats, the key were going to finish it off with Louisiana hot sauce and sprinkle this year and then Boom Ainsley. How do you wrap it without it falling out of the sides that looks real good, this old breakfast taco and well plate it right here and you kind of turn it over if youd like just like so Ainsley, it looks delicious and do you know whats funny? I used to live in San Antonio, too, and I went to the news room for the first time that morning, first day on the job and thats what they were serving breakfast tacos and I was like wait. You all eat tacos for breakfast and
they were so good. It became something we did every morning, its delicious, absolutely delicious Ainsley. Everyone is going to pick up your book and it comes.
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