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Jim Jordan ‘hopes’ Big Tech CEOs are subpoenaed for withholding information from Americans before election

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Ranking member of the House Judiciary committee Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, urges the Senate to subpoena Big Tech executives on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Happens with just twelve days to go Brian, Ainsley and Steve Steve. Thank you so much bring back in Jim Jordan. He will be over where Jim was a second ago Jim. Do you think that the former vice president will be asked about Hunter and things like that? The cover of the New York Post this morning has a story about a statement from Hunter Bidens business partner, who essentially confirms that the emails are legit according to the headline we now know beyond a shadow of the doubt, the laptop is Hunter Bidens. The emails are in fact referenced. The big guy referenced in one of the emails is, in fact Joe Biden. We know Hunter Biden had deals with communist Ukraine. State Department says, was a concern getting cash from the mayor of Moscows wife. All of that, of course, this should come up. What I also hope really comes up is the president stresses what he did for the american people, the fact that he said he would cut taxes and did said he would reduce regulations and did said we would have a roaring economy and we did said he would get out of IRAN
Deal and we did said he would put the ambassador in Jerusalem and did he said he would build the wall and he did said he would do a new Usmca NAFTA agreement, and did he put out a list and choose on that list to put on the highest court in our country and picked from that list? Mr Gulch, Mr Kavanaugh, they are on the court, put out another list selected from that list, Amy Coney Barrett and she is going on the court in a matter days. No president, no president, has done more of what they said. They would do than this guy s. That should come out tonight loudly and clearly, and the american people understand that and of course, this Hunter Biden issue should come out because it goes to the credibility of Joe Biden to the heart of his campaign and the fact that you have tech giants. Tech companies. Censoring this information is ridiculous, as Wees just twelve days before this important election Ainsley well Hunter Biden in one of the purported emails on May 13th, two thousand and seventeen allegedly talked about ten held by H. We dont know what that means.
Maybe there are different, maybe ten million held by H, Steve Hunt JB, who is the big guy? He writes about his business partner? Tony Steve was talk about this earlier. This is the statement he released. What ill outline something fact. I know it is fact because I lived it im the CEO of holdings, a partnership between the chinese operating through cefc, Chairman YE and the Biden family. I was brought into the company to be the ceo by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. The email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other jb referenced in the email is Jim Biden. Joes brother, I have seen vice President Biden, saying he never talked to hunt about his business. I have seen firsthand that thats, not true, because it wasnt just hunters business. They said that they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line. Wow.
What do you think? No, we know the answer. This just further confirms what we already knew. The answers to those three fundamental questions is the laptop Joe Biden. Yes, we have a drop slip. Guy business partner will testify to it. Are the emails accurate? Yes, the guy, who is the business partner, just told you that this is these? Emails are accurate and, of course, the bringing guy reference is in fact to the former. Vice president, Joe Biden, the media should ask Joe Biden those three questions. Ask him to answer those three questions and then the more important question. Why wont you say? So? Why wont you answer those questions, but they wont do it and frankly, over the last few days, they havent had a chance to do it because he wont come out of the basement to even talk to the press, Brian on top of that they go on Bobounski he spent decades in the military. He read the Johnson report. Ninety seven pages it revealed tens of millions of dollars were being passed to the bidens where he was using it as a piggy bank hunter. He realize you had. These guys
were going behind my back getting cash payments from chinese officials. He says im asking the Biden family to address the american people and outline the facts, so he can go back to his life of being irrelevant. He says he looked behind the curtain and concerned what he saw. He says the aggressive way in which they leveraged the family name to make millions is something millions from China is something the american people must know about now, when the president brings this up, if he just says Hunter did this and they get into substance abuse which we saw. Sadly, so many of us can relate to thats getting off the track thats what happened last time, so the president has got to be prepared to do it and zero in on not on hunters business dealings on thousand relates to Joe Biden and how he might be compromised with China. I think thats right and frankly, the other big question lets just be honest: is Twitter going to continue to censor the New York Post? Are they going to continue to block people from getting access? Brian? The answer is yes right. So lets hope that Jack Dorsey
and Mark Zuckerberg, and these folks that they are subpoenaed now by the United States Senate. They are brought in front of the committee and asked the tough questions. Why are you preventing the american people from getting access to critical information about a candidate for the highest office in our country for the most important position in the world? Why are you preventing the american people from getting information about that just twelve days before this election, Brian right? They are going to bring up the fact that the president paid one hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars in taxes and has no office there. He is an international business person who has not done business there. He buys things and makes golf courses. What does Hunter Biden do in the money? Is there and you have to have an office to have business in China Ivankas patent? You need a patent to work in China, or else they knock off everything you make thats called international business which they were doing before they got this job Jim Jordan. Great to see you and you almost buttoned your button. I was not surprised, no jacket, but little surprised you didnt.
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