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Jim Ryun on receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom

2020-07-25 | 🔗
Trump awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a three-time Olympian and former GOP congressman from Kansas; Jim Ryun and his son Ned join ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Impact a lot of people in their lives all right, President Trump awarding legendary runner, Jim Ryan, the nations highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, President Trump, the american athletics, a dedicated public servant and a man of charity, generosity and faith hes, a great man actually Jim. Thank you so much for your unfailing devotion to our country and congratulations on a lifetime of incredible success. Pete, the former republican congressman and three time Olympian made a name for himself early on in his career as the first high school athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. He joins us now, along with his son. You know him american Majority, ceo and friend of the show NED Ryan, to reflect on this great honor, the Ryans with us this morning, its an honor to have you both congressman ill start with you. Thank you for choosing us as your first interview since that amazing day yesterday. Just reflect on that moment at the White House yesterday. Well, it was very special PETE. Thank you for having me on
PETE. Of course, it was a great opportunity to reflect on a very simple prayer prayed by a junior high boy who had been cut from every athletic team. He tried out for including the church, baseball team and id go to bed at night and sigh dear God. My resume is not good id like it to be something I feel like youve had a plan for my life and by the way, if it could show up in sports, id, really appreciate it and id say goodnight and go to sleep and boy did he show up, as you mentioned, a lot of wonderful things, and then yesterday the presidential Medal of Freedom, a great honor and im very grateful for that PETE cut from the church baseball team. You rebounded nicely to put it kindly, but you talked a little bit also about wearing the stars and stripes of our nation as an olympian, and the moment were in right now reflect on an authentically american life that youve lived. It was such a privilege to be on three different olympic teams to wear those colors know that youre representing your country and wanting to do it in
a way that it be honoring and you could express your pride, and so it was just I dont have to say it any other way other than a really great opportunity to let the light shine on this fabulous country. We have PETE, amen. Ned were all proud of our pop s, but I got to believe when youre sitting there watching him get this honor, what an amazing feeling as a son- oh it was incredible. Pete you think about it back in the 1960s track and field is a huge deal. The premier event is the mile and you had this young kid from Wichita like a Kansas, whirl wind, and he breaks the four minute mile in high school and breaks the world record at the age of nineteen by multiple seconds becomes number one in the world becomes a legend, an icon and truly a hero to generations of people and people always ask me, you know what was it like to have Jim Ryun as your father and id always tell him hes my dad and it wasnt until eleven or twelve, it
kind of clicked that this guy is kind of famous, but I tell people all the time that the honest, decent kind, grateful, humble person you see in public thats who he is in private and hes taught me so many lessons be honest, be humble, be kind you know which I struggle with sometimes PETE on TV, but its aspirational, but also perspective. I mean this is one of the great things about my dad. He was the number one in the world and I tell people all the time PETE of all, of the people of the world that walked the halls of Congress that are in d, DOT, c theres, very few people. That can say I was absolutely the number one best in the billions of people. I was truly number one at what I did and my dad can do that, but hes kind and honest and gracious, but he had perspective and the thing that he always tells people is this: pursue greatness, pursue something that you think feeds your grasp, but remember in that pursuit, youre doing it. For God, s glory right, thats, the eternal perspective. The word of God is forever and
thats one of the most important lessons. Hes taught me PETE, Jim youre, obviously a great father as well, and we love NED love having him on the show. At this moment, two thousand and twenty, where we are with a country with an election ahead of us and so much surround ing us whats your message as a leader in this country to our country well to dream big and that would fit in well with our country. President Trump has brought us to another level of appreciation, theres conflict going on, but look to the future. My coach coach Timmons challenged me when I was a sophomore in high school to become the first high school boy to run in the four minutes, just nine nine years earlier, and so he changed my paradigm. So that be part of what I would say. You know. Ned Hasselberg been very generous with the comments but teach Timmons mentored me that you could do something even after being cut from the church baseball team. That amounts to a great future, so dont be afraid to dream. Big youll fail at something so fail
at something you like and remember. Failure is just a temporary detour to success, so dont be afraid to try and I believe thats, where our country is were entering into another step forward. If we choose to make that I choose to make that, and millions of other Americans do as well, we want to return America to greatness PETE beautiful words. Now I gotta call my dad after this gotta call my dad after this, but Jim and NED Ryun. Thank you.
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