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Joe Biden announces strategy shift, will return to campaign trail after Labor Day

2020-08-30 | 🔗
Analysis from Lee Carter, president and partner at Maslansky and Partners.
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Jedediah laughter PETE will Joe Biden is shaking up his campaign to gear up and leave the basement after Labor day with plans to hit the road in key swing. States Jedediah here to break down this strategy, shift president and partner Lee Carter Lee welcome. So we see a little bit of a shift here from Joe Biden hes going to hit the campaign trail, albeit a little bit delay ed still, and he is going to address the violence going on in the nation. Even though there was just an entire convention where he didnt mention it at all, regardless theres been a shift. Why? So, I think its a couple things one its probably always as planned, to come out stronger after the convention. I think he had a strategy of laying low and letting things play out and now hes going to get out with his message, but I think its important that we take note of this shift on the violence, because its really really important to the american people, and I think they may have misjudged how important it was to the american people and what it meant behind
it, and I think a lot of people were thinking that if you were concerned about violence, if youre concerned about law and order, that also meant that you did not support black lives matter, and I think that youre not mutually exclusive and thats something hes realized and recognized as absolutely essential. He has to address it to the american people, which is absolutely about their individual safety PETE Lee hold on. Was it really always his plans, because we heard a lot from the Biden campaign. A lot of confidence about this basement strategy is working. We could do this all the way to election day and then his convention happened. Republican convention happened, violence was not denounced and suddenly Joe Acaba nouns im going to leave my basement, and it feels like a reaction to a tightening race where he cant hide the whole time. Look, I think, theres no question about it. I think that what hes realized I was just reading some transcripts of focus groups about undecided voters and one of the undecided voters said this. He said I feel like Donald
Trump is defining Joe Biden. I need to hear from Joe Biden who is Joe Biden. Only thirty percent of the american people right now understand what Joe Bidens platform is. Two thirds of Americans know that he is not Donald Trump. He stands against Donald Trump, but they dont know what he is for, and that is a big mistake and a big miss judgment. But I think the campaign thought it be enough, just not to be Donald Trump in order to beat Donald Trump and thats not going to be enough were seeing polls tightening and in swing states its getting closer and closer, and Joe Biden needs to make his case to the american people, and it has to it absolutely must include. How are you going to keep the american people safe, because that is what Americans most its one of their biggest concerns right now that and the economy, and so hes going to have to come out with a message on both of those. So I think to a certain extent, youre right and hes realized. He cant just lay back anymore its time for him to get out there and im not sure they didnt have a strategy to always go out there more after a convention, but
absolutely right. Now it is essential. He tells them, because if you dont tell your story, someone else will tell it for you and its. Not favorable will Lee really quickly. I want to believe the polls are tightening, because I want to leave. We can have our finger on the pulse of the election to see how its moving, but, how much credence should we give the poll s knowing what happened in twenty sixteen and this idea that many are afraid or unwilling to answer which way they would vote to a polster. So how much credence do we give these movements in the polls anyway? I think you have to look at a couple things. Dont look at nationwide polls, so youll understand where sentiment is moving youre not going to understand the electoral college by looking at it, you need to look at swing states and look at intensity. So when you look at how likely are people to vote thats, another thing, thats really important. The other thing you really need to look at is independents and right now the independent race is tightening. There was a poll that came out this week that released it and said that Trump is ahead by ten points with the independence the race is going to be won and lost, because Democrats and
Republicans have pretty much decided who they are voting for its the independent voter, whose could go either way and weve got to keep our eye on those votes. The other thing youve got to look at is theres interesting, polling questions out there theres a question about who are you going to vote for, but then a question about who do you think your neighbor will vote for and thats also a big indicator, because a lot of people are afraid to share their opinion. Jedediah Lee Carter? We got to.
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