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Joe Biden counting on media to campaign for him: Trump Jr.

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Donald Trump Jr. previews the final Trump-Biden presidential debate on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Get your popcorn ready and buckle up Steve thanks, big guy Ainsley lets bring in Donald Trump Jr Good Morning to you good morning, hows it going guys Ainsley were doing well. The campaign has said theyre going to be monitoring that person that has control of the mute button. How are they going to do that? Well, theyre, going to have someone in the room and were going to call nonsense when we see nonsense, you saw what happened in twenty sixteen when they messed with his mic during the first Hillary debate, the last few weeks when it comes to the moderator of the second debate, being a Joe Biden intern tending DMS on sending d Mrksz on twitter to get a way to hit trump. This moderator, apparently, is a big Obama administration. If person, I mean you literally cant make up the nonsense when you look at the bias that we face on a daily basis, its literally hard to believe that
we are in a free country in America, when you look at the media. The big tech censorship for the last few weeks, talking about literally Joe Biden being compromised by corrupt foreign regimes. At this point, its almoster Refoot Bl, the Biden campaigns not even denying these things, but they know that they can go hide in a basement and let the media do their campaign for us for him and so thats why we have to be out there why we have to be on the ground and be so vocal about it, because we are up against a big machine, doing whatever they can to help the Democrats win. Brian word, the President of the United States did not like the 60 minutes interview and he said thats it Mark meadows says he didnt walk out, but did not do the walk and talk. 60 minutes has released a clip. Let me ask you what you think your biggest domestic priority is for you right now. Well, ultimately, let me ill tell you it was happening.
We created the greatest economy in the history of our country. You know you know thats, not true, it is totally true. No virtually every number was the best we had the best economy ever and what was happening was things well. I asked you whats the priority. I mean those are all the good things. The priority now is to get back to normal, get back to where we were have the economy rage and be great with jobs. Finish Brian okay, weve heard him answewer that question before what did he tell you about the interview? If anything, what do you think were going to expect? You know I didnt see it. I didnt speak to him about it. You know it doesnt, really matter much to me again, hes willing to put himself out there the reality hes right we do have to get back to normal. We have to open up. We have to get our kids back into schools, so they dont miss another half a year of their education. You know, weve seen you know, corona can be very real. We can take fit seriously for those who
are more susceptible and at risker they can take extra precautions. Regular people can get back to work, taking reasonable precaution without destroying their lives. Joe Bidens plan of lets just shut down the whole country lets. Do it e forever? Who cares money will grow on trees? It doesnt work. The damage that would do to people to their livelihoods, to their jobs, to their mental stability would be far more destruction disruption than anything. This virus could possibly do at this point. So Donald Trump is one hundred percent right. We have to get back to work with, and the guy that built the strongest economy America has ever known is the guy that can do it again, not a guy, like Joe Biden whos, been talking about it for forty seven years, but it seems the only thing he built up is a huge bank account for his son, Steve Don speaking of his son, the laptop that weve been hearing about for the last week that the fix it guy in turned over to the FBI. Apparently, it has been linked to a money
laundering probe by the FBI. I checked the wires. I havent seen many reports of that aside from Foxnews dot com, but if one of your laptops were linked to a money laundering probe, I gotta think it would be on every web site, including probably the food network, guys it would be everywhere. It would be the biggest story in the world forever. It would never go away. I mean money tied to human trafficking and prostitution rings is another big one. The chinese money, Joe Biden, is compromised. One hundred percent. Do you think the Chinese gave Hunter Biden, given his record? Do you think they gave him one dollar and fifty cents billion to invest because hes, a great investor? No, they were buying access, they were buying them off, they were paying them off. Theyre, totally compromised and whats disgusting is the media that ran with the Russia. Russia nonsense for four years,
even after it was disproven continued to run it hoping and dreaming that the Trump family did a fraction a fraction. What the bidens were actually doing and is now verified is disgusting that they wont report on it, that social media is censoring it to make sure that people dont know the potential president could be one is zero percent compromised, thats, absolutely disgusting and that the FBI sat on this laptop during impeachment when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats impeached Donald Trump for being right about Joe Biden, they impeached him for being one hundred percent about Joe Bidens corruption and the he was right. They impeached him for it, no ones even talking about it. They dont want this story out. Theyll do whatever they can to protect the corrupted Biden, so they can basically get Kamala Harris in there its about putting Kamala Harris Bernies Platform, the radical left into the White House, so they can change the face of America forever, Ainsley. So Don. You know, whats happening in New York
with all these restaurants being closed down and twenty five percent allowed inside. If youre in certain areas, other areas youre only allowed to have takeout and delivery. There was a guy on Tuckers show last night, Jacob Green, and he owns the mixed Greens CAF on Coney Island. This guy, you see the video walked in and gave him a summons saying you had your front door open, basically saying that tells people out on the street that they can come in. We dont know how much the citation is. You have to go to the summons first in order to find that out, but listen to what he said last night on Tucker I know youre recording me, thats fine, im allowed to record you im going to give youre giving me a ticket because my doors open, Sir theres nobody sitting in the restaurant everythings. Okay, my doors are open. What, if my store, is hot
im not allowed to open my door because the store is hot? You know im struggling here every single day, its hard for me. There was nobody in the store because we dont have dining. We only is have takeout so theres, nobody in the store and im only getting a ticket, because my doors are open. We work so hard and we were struggling to begin with because of covid and its really disheartening. You know when your business is already so slow because of this, and then somebody walks in and issues you a citation. He called me up literally on the verge of tears, not understanding whats going on. You know its shocking to stay open or not to begin with its amazing Ainsley, so hes already struggling, and now he has to pay whatever theyre going to fine him, for you know, kicking him when hes down. What do you think you know? Listen. I think its very indicative of the way
that De Blasio and Cuomo have handled New York. Sweden, didnt, lock down, guess what they had less infection rate and they didnt destroy their economy. The World Health organization saying that the endless lockdowns and needlessness of it never ends. I guess because you know, Cuomo E and De Blasio have been the number one recruiter for the state of Florida, sending people out of the city and state in droves. To avoid these asinine policies, I guess they have to make up for the revenue again by kicking someone when theyre down with no evidence. They actually did anything wrong only on the assumption so that they would do that is sick, but, honestly, its indicative of the way the De Blasio Administration has handled New York. He would rather do those kinds of things than actually focus on rising crime rates. He would rather play airports and crafts and March with protesters than actually do something about the issues that face the city. It truly breaks my heart mine, the restaurants in New York City, are struggling. Ive lived there. My whole life
ive gone in there. You know, as they tell me, you know. These are people that have been there for a long time, thats a hard business to be in. They basically think theyre going to shut down and never opopen again thats the environment. You know that De Blasio and Cuomo have created in New York and it breaks my heart, and it also shows again look at New York versus Florida. Look at the examples of the e way conservatives have handled their states versus the radical leftists that want the blanket shutdowns theyve had much worse infection rates. New Yorks like last place out of the state. You wouldnt hear that from the media, because if Cuomo will speak badly about Donald Trump, all will be absolved hell turn into a hero, which is literally one of the dumbest things ive ever seen in my life thats the world in which we live, and I hope it stops because it it doesnt, seem to follow the science and its ridiculous Brian Don thanks so much its going to be a big night and on De Blasio big story in the New York Post. All he does is walk all day.
He doesnt stop. He doesnt go in. He doesnt do any work. He walks. It beats what he used to do, and that was nap.
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