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Joe Biden returns to the campaign trail

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Reaction from Lee Chatfield, speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives.
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Go rving dot com or your nearest RV dealer Jedediah. It is one of the most crucial swing states in the race for the White House, and this week, both President Trump and Joe Biden hitting the campaign trail in Michigan will back in twenty. Sixteen Hillary Clinton was criticized for not paying enough attention to Michigan ended up, losing it to President Trump Liberal, filmmaker Michael Moore recently sounded the alarm on Biden, repeating her mistakes PETE. He just wrote this on Facebook sound familiar im warning you in advance. The enthusiasm for sixty million of Trumps base is off the charts for Joe, not so much here to weigh in GOP speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, thanks for being here this morning the Biden campaign was not
planning to go to Michigan. Now they are why, and will it be effective good morning, thanks for having me on the show, I think it is important to note here on the show that Michigan had not been won by a Republican on the presidential ballot, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight now, when you think about that, there is two main reasons for that number one. How radical and progressive the Democrat left has been, but also trumps, focus on economic message in Michigan here, like Michael Moore mentioned, but he and I disagree on a lot. One thing we agree on Republicans here in Michigan are fired up to vote for President Trump. It is indicative that Biden is visiting here. Democrats should be scared about Michigan. It went red in twenty sixteen. I think it will go red again, Jedediah Lee. What do you think are the key issues that will drive folks in Michigan to the polls. What do you think about that enthusiasm and that potential turn out on both sides? Well, you have to remember that Michigan is a blue collar
state. That means they are not. You know were not supporters of socialism were not supporters of defunding the police. What Michigan workers care about is ensuring that they have a job, so they can have money in their pockets, so they can put food on the table trump. Focusing on the economic message. Joe Biden has a real tough time coming into Michigan. Acting like he is a moderate because we know Sim flip. He is a pawn of the radical Democrat left when you look at the policies. Trump has done the first term in office about with the passage of the Usmca. That is good for Michigan workers. That is good for midwestern workers Biden. He is reflection. What he passed in the Senate with the old NAFTA plan, which wasnt good for America. We like the America First policy. We want to make sure we have money, we want to make sure we can send our kids to school. That is trumps focus. That is his message. That is why people will get out and vote for him will Michael Moore. We here on
Fox AMP friends. You sounded alarm in twenty. Sixteen Hillary Clinton didnt pay that much attention to Michigan Biden seems to move in the direction, not making the same mistake. Why, in your reason, Democrats have not given Michigan the attention over the last couple election cycles. I think Democrats have taken our state for granted. Remember Michigan went blue in presidential elections for thirty consecutive years, Michigan hadnt been won since one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight. The reason I remember that that is the year I was born. This is the first time in twenty sixteen that I remember a republican winning Michigan. They are scared and a little frightened, but the problem they have to figure out how to get Michigan voters and workers attention, while proving they are not the party run by AOC and the progressive left. When you look at what the Democrat base is focusing on right now, it is not jobs, it is not the economy, it is not an America first policy that speaks to the heart of the
Michigan worker, so Michigan workers have to decide who is going to do best at restoring our economy and keeping jobs available. Is that Donald Trump, or is that Joe Biden? They chose Donald Trump once and I think theyre going to choose him again PETE. Mr Speaker, you mentioned workers. A lot of people have not been able to work in Michigan because of Governor Whitmer Governor Shutdown going beyond what other states have done. Joe Biden called for a nationwide mask mandate, keeping businesses closed longer. How does the issue of Covid play in Michigan in light of what your governor has done? First important to notice the economy is not due to covid the economy in Michigan is due to governments. Reaction to covid different states have responded differently because of that different states have different unemployment rates. Michigan has higher percentage much unemployment rate right now, Joe Biden talked a couple weeks
ago. He wants to do a national shutdown. I can assure you that message did not resonate well with Michigan workers. All we wanted in Michigan for beginning of the covid to live and work safely. We were not given that chance in Michigan who do we want helping insure? We get back to life safely. Is it going to be democratic party and issues? They focus on, or is it Donald Trump who focus on the economy? Michigan has been hit hard by Covid, because how our government and governor responded to it. I think more people will want to vote for Donald Trump because he understands what moves our economy Jedediah Lee. You bring up some very important points about a.
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