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Joe Concha praises Glenn Greenwald for ‘gutsy and unique’ resignation

2020-10-30 | 🔗
Founder of the Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, resigns from company after being censored for criticizing Joe Biden; The Hill media reporter Joe Concha reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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At Walmart target and other fine stores, only article plushed about only article plushed about all of these documents that have emerged about Joe Biden was an article that made reference in passing to those documents very snidely and dismissively say nothing. One should pay attention to it because it was russian disinformation, even though there has never been any information that thats been true, very outlet that I co created that was built on my reputation. My credibility, my journalistic accomplishments then tried to interstyrene censor me six days before an election, because I wanted to plush reporting and analysis about the evidence that raises serious questions about the conduct of the candidate that all of the editors at that outlet vehemently and enthusiastically support Brian. Can you believe what he is saying? One story after another of bias, journalist, Glen, Greenawalt speaking Tout Tucker after Resign from the intercept the publication he co, founded after he says his own editors tries to
censor his reporting on Joe Biden and his sons, hunters overseas business dealings, Steve here with reaction for the hill Joe Con challenge Joe Good morning to you. It has been our. It appears to many people that there is something actively going on, because nobody is covering the Hunter Biden story or the Bobulinski story, but for Glen Greenawalt who stoortd the intercept to come out and say, look a bunch of lefty editors are censoring me thats extraordinary. It is think about this. He co found you had the intercept in twenty thirteen seven years ago. For this very reason he wanted to have independence journalism first in green greenawalts case only two words to describe him gutsy and unique. How many people do we see doing this now? I know I founded this publication, but im out of here, if you are not allowing me to report on this case, Joe Biden Hunter Biden, this story that again Tucker Carlson had Tony bobulinski on his show two nits ago, seven point: six million people watched
that nearly four times as much as CNN. That tells me when you get a number like that under a guys, know numbers in this business to get above seven million for a regular program. That tells me not only conservatives are interested in this story, but independents and Republicans remember Glen. Greenawalt is no conservative, is he not getting to CPAC any time soon? Also journalist thought a hack one, a Pulitzer and Polk. This is all about more and more. This is all about more and more newsrooms anti speeching around Arnold, using the military to quell pro at the time polling, showed a slight majority of Americans agreed with that and forced to resign you from the paper they forced him out, because internally there was a revolt saying we cant allow this sort of speech around here anymore
speech that half the country agrees with. We saw there and the Philadelphia Enquirer he allowed an op ed. That said, all buildings matter, in other words, if you own a business and gets looted that destroys life and livelihood. This is a growing problem in this business guys and not going to stop any time soon. Unless journalists stand up, and so no more Ainsley Bari Weiss will said, the newsroom is so toxic. What is sad about this saturdayed this company in twenty thirteen seven years ago, evidence said its completely. The company is now completely unrecognizable fired my original vision for this publication. He said that the editors went through his articles that he wrote this week and removed all the sections that were critical of democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. How does this make you feel when you are on the streets? I hear from World WAR Ii veterans that say this is not the country that I fought for. Im scared im devastated statues are coming down, threw is the cancel culture? Now you have the media picking
and choosing what they are going to put in an article and not telling the truth. How do you feel journalists Ainsley are supposed to hold the powerful accountable regardless of party fear or favor? Did you go after the powerful if Donald Trump screws up? You question him Joe Biden? If he is involved with something that looks shady or a policy that again, you got to speak up to each side. It does not matter in these investigations. What we are seeing now is chilling. I dont like to use hyperbole. I dont like to use those words, but this seems to be now the culture that is permeating numerous around the country that, if you dont kowtow to one side, then we are going to shame you. We are going to cab, sell you and you will be eliminated. That is scary, guys Brian. They did cover Hillary Clinton Issues and George W Bush DWI against Al Gore.
They would never think avoiding it doesnt matter how are voting for. Meanwhile, it doesnt end there one of the great victory for this. The administration- and I dont think anyone would argue, is you you recall, build the wall said they would four hundred miles long and coming up formidable taking out old and putting up new will will will will will will they cut a deal reinstalled their aid and things have gotten their aid, and things have gotten a lot better. At the border, when Mark Morgan went to tell that tweet, he got suspended. Army corps of engineer continue to build new wall every day. Every mile helps us stop gang murderer. He is sexual predators and drugs from entering our country. Its a fact. Walls work. Nothing is wrong with that. It makes the President look good and thats. Perhaps why Twitter iced the account and the twitter spokesperson told Fox NEWS. We took enforcement action on the tweet,
but the decision was reversed following an appeal by an account owner and further evaluation from our team buff, the thing is: thats, not true. They already protested. Mark Morgan did directly and they said we looked at this and the suspension stands Mark Morgan, hopped up on Tucker last night and told the story a few days before the election. They knew what they were doing intentionally now after they did after they got their hands caught in the cookie jar, its disingenuous to say they made an error. I didnt think I was living in America. What happened to me should scare every american citizen what they censored. My message trying to get to the american people about how successful this president has been Brian Twitter knew they were going to get blow back twenty four hours prior. They had their ceo, try to explain that there is no bias at Twitter and they did it again. They get Facebook blowback. They are still investigating the
validity of the emails of the story from two weeks ago and they suspend the New York Post accounts. Can you imagine a mindset where they know there is going to be backlash and they dont care? They dont care that you feel as though they are not fair. They are not balanced and they hate the guy. You are voting for and they hate the party you stand for its unbelievable to me. I have never seen anything like it. Its amazing that Facebook is still investigating this, even though the New York Times concluded a week ago that there is no evidence of russian disinformation. As far as the Hunter Biden Laptop also director of national Intelligence, John Ratcliffe came to the same conclusion and Mark Morgan. Remember who is he as far as border patrol? Is he the head of the largest law enforcement agency in the country, forty five thousand employees? He sent out a tweet that okay, can you label an opinion flight? Half the country maybe thinks that the border wall is a bad idea. Maybe doesnt make us more safe, half the country saying no. No! No.
I agree with that thats the point its opinion, you cant start censoring opinion, Steve thats. The thing twitter is a private company. They can do whatever they want, but people should know that theyre not fair and balanced, and obviously they are trying to help one side over the other. It appears Joe. Thank you very much for.
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