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Joe Concha reacts to ‘cancel culture’

2020-07-25 | 🔗
The Wall Street Journal vows not to 'wilt under cancel culture pressure'; reaction and analysis from media reporter for The Hill Joe Concha on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Pete welcome back the wall. Pete welcome back the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, refusing to wilt under cancel culture within their own ranks, Jedediah the editorial board, responding after hundreds of staffers responded after demanding the paper fact check and be more transparent in opinion pages Griff here to weigh in is Joe Con challenge. Good morning to you looks like the opinion page folks over at the Wall Street Journal arent going to take it lightly, no Griff, because they saw this movie over at the New York Times just last month, where woke staffers were all up in arms over editorial written by Senator Tom cotton. Is he a republican advocating for the use of the military when protests get out of control they become too violent and police locally cant handle the situation. You can say I disagree with it or say you agree with that. Thats. The point of an opinion page ABC Poll shows fifty two percent of Americans
agreed with cotton. Yet the Woke staffers at the paper went crazy and ended up to the point of getting the Op Ed editor named. Bennett fired not fired, but resigned, forced to resign and forced out of the paper. So theyre saying look, I will read you a quote. This is from the Wall Street Journal yesterday. It was probably Inel evident tillable that the wave of progressive cancel culture would arrive at the journal, as it has at nearly every other cultural business, academic and journalistic institution. We are not the New York Times. They made that very clear and theyre, taking a page guys from the Goya. Ceo, remember, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez Social Media MOB says that the Goya company should be boycotted because he said something nice about President Trump, as he said something nice about President Obama, when he met with him eight years ago and then Ocasio Cortez says you know what this company should be boycotted four thousand employees not far from me here in New Jersey headquarters, many latino workers there
thats the thing about boycotts. You dont hurt the ceo with the money. You hurt the people at the bottom. If the boycott is affected, they are the first to be fired good for the Wall Street Journal, dont apologize, stand by your ground and continue to do your work as journalists PETE how they continue to do their work, Joe Freedom of expression, its their job. You dont have to agree with the opinion of the Wall Street Journal, but you recognize the value of opinion in this country. How do they manage a business where they are effectively under siege from within? I think in the end, you have people that run the company and they say. Okay, your opinions are welcome. We love your feedback in terms of comments, but in terms of our opinion pages we are going to offer the left we are going to or the right we are going to offer the center. We have been in existence far longer than have you been working at this paper. We will be fine. Thank you in terms of the way we go about doing things look PETE. There is a poll out just a couple days ago from the Kato Institute. This was scary, stuff. Sixty two percent of people are afraid to share some of the political
views that they have and look. I am right outside of Amaz Anti Murphy Autonomous Zone such as a periphery. I have friends that are democrat and Republican who support the president. Those who support the president will tell you very privately and very quietly that they are petrified to share any political views on Facebook, or especially at work with co workers, because its not like they are afraid they are going to get yelled at or get nasty instant messages. They are afraid they will get eliminated fired from their jobs. We saw it this week with a Michigan teacher who said Donald Trump. Is our president thats it instead of getting pulled aside or say, hey lets tone it down. He gets eliminated from his position thats. Why its a scary time for free thought in this country right now, PETE Pete, one hundred percent Jedediah it I got to get its hot yoga day, thats a Saturday thing in the backyard pictures on Instagram,
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