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Joe Concha reacts to Hilaria Baldwin being accused of ‘fake’ Spanish heritage

2021-01-02 | 🔗
The Hill media report Joe Concha provides insight on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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My family was in Spain in Myorca Jedediah. The story is too much. The Federalist is calling the Hilaria scandal quote an indictment of our media, as many wonder how she got away with this, for so long here to discuss is Fox NEWS, contributor and media columnist for the hill, Joe Concha Joe. That really is the question, though, how do these people get away with this? I mean they just make up an identity and say you know what no one will ask me any questions and in many ways they are right. They are right, first of all, that little Kyron below headline below us, that should say Hillary Baldwin, thats, her name all right, Hilaria hilarious. We have got to quit, calling her hilaria thats, not equally her name introduce me as Jose going forward who he he say, call me Jose in he Isespanol. Why would anybody fake their ethnic pack ground is my question? Does that make you more cultured and more interesting?
The bottom line is that you know Hillary told the lie over and over to herself to the point where I guess she thought you know that it was true. So look, this is hilarious. The way this is now being covered, because you would think this would just be ridiculed. She wouldnt be defending it in any way, shape or form vanity fair. I cant get. I mean this is the greatest thing ever vanity, fair. Does a story on this where they say in the headline she has been accused of misleading the public to believe she has spanish heritage, accused no. She mislead the public, no question about that. Listen to this paragraph. She also said the Bioon. Her agencys website, which stated that she was born in are Spain is likely the result of her reputation using unverified information from the internet to write a sloppy. Why owe so its the experts fault, as for forgetting the english word for cucumber on the today, show she chalks that up to a brain farther?
How do I say apple in English? How do you do that thats? The thing here she is still being at the end of the dayed by the media, despite the fact that clearly she lied she got caught and that should be the end of it, but nope vanity. Fair is saying she is accused of misleading the public. Guys will Ayou see Coulded mislead its, not cultural appropriation either. Is it its a flat out fraud? You dont forget how to say words in your english native language. She is from Boston. Lets reinforce that for a element. No, you are focusing on the right question Joe. Why does she do it, but why does the media cover up for it? This is the same week by the way, Joe, that the New York Times wrote an article. How Tiki bars are restaurant, but take it easy on Hilaria for faking for fraud leaptly putting out where she came from. Why thats exactly right will dont worry about it because you know what today is Saturday: it all gets Jumbod when you are in a holiday week today is Saturday. I believe Saturday night LIVE is going to eviscerate her for
this misleading, oh thats, right thats, never going to happen. She is married to Alec Baldwin. Between her doing I dont know what a could cucumber is in Engl that imitation of a spanish person be is equally as bad as Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. Anyway, guys, I would love to talk about this more buff got to go. My new years resolution was developing a new relationship with my body. My wife says I look like second trimester. I want to look like PETE and will and Jedediah. Obviously I got to get strong again. Pete, a new relationship with my body, Joe Concha, well said, hit the bench right now.
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