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Joe Concha slams ‘beyond reckless’ media conspiracies about Trump’s health

2020-10-05 | 🔗
Media reporter for The Hill Joe Concha weighs in on media coverage of President Trump’s ongoing coronavirus treatment
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Steve, the presidents Doctor Sean Conley facing a barrage of questions, yesterdays briefing, he was pressed on the presidents health and inconsistencies in earlier remarks. The fact of the matter is that hes doing really well. If everything continues to go well, we will start discharge planning back to the warehouse today to disclose that the president had been administered oxygen. Why is the president not wearing a mask in the videos and photos that have been released yesterday? You told us that the president was in great shape minutes after your press conference White House, chief of staff, Mark Meadows told reporters that the presidents vitals were very concerning whose statements about the presidents health should we believe, the chief and I work side by side, and I think his statement was misconstrued Steve well here with reaction media reporter for the hill Joe Con challenge Joe over the weekend. The world press wants to know how the president is, and there was some inconsistencies. There was some confusion as well. I mean you look at the headlines criticizing the doctor
and things that mark meadows had said, and I think ultimately, people just wants to know how the president is. What did you think? Well, I think if were going to believe all these conspiracy theories around the presidents Health Steve. You have to ignore the fact that the President put out videos speaking directly to the american people, videos that he at least has eighty six million followers on twitter. You have to discount that you also have to believe that Dr Conley, who is only lieutenant commanders of a NATO trauma unit in Afghanistan, is in on this conspiracy in terms of misleading the american public. But on top of that you also have to believe the presidents medical team consists of Hodgkins Klein Carter Meehan Eleven total doctors, nurses and a pharmacist are also in on this conspiracy. So look im seeing tweets like from Cnns National Security. Analyst Steve quote: it is very likely that russian intelligence agencies, through
signal and human Intel sources embedded at Walter Reed, have more evidence about the presidents condition than we do columnist plays one thirty five times over. The weekend Jennifer Rubin that the President needs to be removed under the 25th amendment. Have you mostly cloudy skies? Ask house speaker Pelosi if she has been asked about continuity, succession of government should something happen to both Trump and pence. Is she ready to be president seeing this jumping ahead and conspiracy theories, not by everyone? There has been responsible reporting, but by some that is just beyond reckless and such a serious moment in such a serious situation, Steve Steve. It is a serious situation, because the President of the United States has a potentially devastating disease right now and everybody wants to know the status of it. Of course, it seemed like he wanted just to show people yesterday im doing okay, because he hopped in his armored up suburban and took a lap around Walter Reed yesterday and the media reaction. There
was a lot of rage online that the President put the the secret service agents in that vehicle at risk. Your reaction to the media reaction. They were wearing the proper Ppe. Obviously they have to be with the president at all times right, so the president may even be discharged as early as today. So again, if the president is do so horribly, then how could he go back to the White House in the fact is. The answer? Is the hospital comes to him at the White House at all times there is a full medical units according to the? U DOT S army, full team of doctors, registered nurses pas and obviously the presidents medical team. They could even perform emergency surgery at the White House. If need be, the secret service is going to have to be around the president at all times. Obviously they are taking the proper precautions and the president again understands optics to go out and tell his supporters not just outside the hospital, but the country and the world that I think im going to be okay, that is Con Sis Tentsd with his message from the beginning, in terms of coronavirus in terms of promoting optimism instead of
doom and Gloom Steve right, do you see a double standard in the reaction in the coverage? I hate to say that, though right, because it should just be consistent, all around im old enough to remember September 12th of two thousand and one you didnt have Astoria around George W Bush and blame game. The country rallied together. The press was responsible for reporting the facts and knowing what we know now, you see doctors being interviewed, having even diagnosed him telling them what they think is going on. Instead of listening to the doctorsrs in the room with the president by the way got to go a car shopping thing, its zoo zoo on Ford Festive have.
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