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Joey Jones says he's 'personally offended' by Biden's story about a veteran with PTSD

2020-09-16 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Joey Jones says Biden's speech undid all the work of removing stigma around veterans and mental health.
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Steve all right, our next guest Steve all right. Our next guest is calling out Joe Biden for using this story with a marine with PTSD. There was a marine veteran that had been deployed. A total of six times Dodge RAM started down. The street in front of his house saw a woman walking her dog ran over her killed. Her killed, the dog put her in the back of his pickup truck molested. Her came home and called the state police and said I just killed someone. There was a voice in my head. That said, I have to kill someone. We have to end the stigma surrounding mental health treatment. Steve okay, joining us now is Fox NEWS, contributor and Marine Corps veteran Joey Jones Joey. You are shaking your head yesterday when you heard the former vice president tell that story. If is he trying to appeal to vets to vote for him for him to use that story says what you know. I was on my way to a prosthetic appointment yesterday, my first one since
Covid started, because I have a leg, thats wearing holes on the end of it thats because of service im, proud to know that, but to listen to the vice president. When I was serving when I lost my legs. Tell a story like this that one probably is not grounded. In fact, I think that I and your producers couldnt, find this story anywhere, but two that literally equates serving in war to becoming evil its be a hornght, its the worst thing I have ever heard a presidential candidate say about men and women serving and yes, I was listening when President Trump ran for office and said a few things I didnt likes a well but thats. The worst thing that undid ten years of work in the military, nonprofit mental health community of actually removing a stigma. These men and women may lose their will to live, but they dont lose their soul. They may hurt themselves, but they dont go hurting others, its very rare, and for him to tell that story just because he is had some shock value and somehow likened himself to this issue just
shows how out of touchy is and im personally offended by it Steve. I see that you are quite agitated on your twitter feed. One of the one of your tweets says were not going to put were not going to put them up. Then he literally just said: post traumatic stress causes one to become a murderous pervert and then ends that with we have to end the stigma. Well, I think thats, the worst part about it. Is he doesnt understand the point of his own story. He doesnt understand the point he is trying to drive home. You dont tell people hey its okay. If you are suffering go, get help, let people know about it by telling them them a story. If you are going to go, kill people and do heinous things, and so I can guarantee you. That story is true. I put my life on it that man had other issues that were not connected to war and might not have even went to war thats. The kind of things that people gloss over Hollywood loves to connect war
service to becoming evil, and he is just falling right in to it because he has donors and supporters out there narrative makes sense. The truth is very different. Yes, I was very upset. These are men and women that I fight every day to keep alive and keep hope in their hearts and to tell a story like that was not only irresponsible but malpractice. As a politician Steve, we have a Fox news poll, they polled a number of vets and the question is: if the presidential election were held today, President Trump would get fifty six percent of the votes. Joe Biden would get forty percent of the votes. This has a margin of error of about eight percent. It was conducted about a week ago. What does that poll tell you, I think by and large the military diverse now as its ever been, probably because we have smart phones and more informed than we have ever been thats going to happen, a pretty good reflection of the rest of the country. Most of us are looking past, our military sufficiency and looking
at the economy or social issues that we care about as well, I dont think veterans or military are, in one caveat anymore, one silo of voting. What I will tell you is that one thing President Trump is doing right now and has done since he has been in office. He has shouldered the political collateral to make decisions that benefit our military striking in Syria, killing absolutely those aresoleimani. These are things. Can he do that dont cost blood and pressure that are afraid to do? I think service members will support him because of it.
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