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Joey Jones slams Warnock for 'nobody can serve God and the military' words

2020-11-19 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Joey Jones reacts to resurfaced sermon of Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Kelly Loeffler to tell new attack ad how he is a year ago. He is unlikenned Israel to apartheid. We are shooting down, Palestinians that are innocent and unarmed, outright attacked Israel, and only in the primary process. This year he put out some contradictory statement saying he fully supported Israel less than a year ago, two thousand and fourteen defended Jeremiah Wrights infamous God, Damn Americas sermon. If that who he is and thats who he has been, I will take him at his word. Unfortunately, he gets very little. Credit with me sentence is, unlike you, cant serve God and the military Steve. That was my next question, because you are a God, fearing man and you are in the military that walls your career. Is he right America? Nobody can serve God and the military. Well, even if you take him in the context he provides and the to the sermon essentially saying
pretty much anything pro american and anything dealing with the american government is Anti God. He goes on to attack politicians, the parrillo process, the collection of wealth, pretty much anything to do with capitalism and the american way of life. He says that goes against God, so no, I dont agree with that and I dont think Georgians agree with that. They are very much in line self determination, personal responsibility, everything our constitution stands for was written in respect to God got himself in a corner. Whats unfortunate and I will be more honest: more is unlikeable candidate between him and Kelly Loeffler on just ads alone. She doesnt put forth enough personality. He puts forth almost too much. Hopefully the debate will help discern that. Hopefully she will allow Georgians to see a little bit of her personality and who she is. She won her side of the runoff attacking Doug Collins for voting for negotiated bills that had a little bit for Democrats and a little bit for
Republicans in them and she is going to have to do better. I will cheer for her. I want Republicans to represent the state of Georgia. We have to come up with better candidates. Democrats went way outside the box with Warnock and I can appreciate that on our side, but I think have you plenty of vulnerability to expose and I dont think is he going to represent Georgians properly in the Senate, and for that reason I hope Kelly Loeffler wins Steve. You mentioned the ads on election day running an ad with a puppy which was charming. I read a story this morning. Apparently republicans have a twenty eight dollars million ad advantage in that race, so that is good. They are are going to be buying a lot of ads over the next two months, but in the meantime this sermon continues to get traction. There are two: U Dot S, senators, Marsha, Blackburn and Tom cotton. Both say he should withdraw from it the race because of it and his state. His campaign has made a statement, and they say this.
This sermon was based on the biblical verse that reads: no man can serve two masters. Reverend Warnock was talking about t the need to commit to moral life before pursuing other priorities. The video makes clear this is another blatant effort by Kelly Loeffler to take Reverend Warnocks words completely out of context Joey. You are on the ground there in Georgia, given where we are with these twin runoffs first week in January. What are people saying about what theyre going to do? Yeah, listen, Jon Ossoff has the personality of a stale doughnut. He is not a great candidate, he almost beat Karen Hindel and she lost twice in a row. The Georgia g, dot, op doesnt support candidates to get people excited and they dont go out and knock on doors and register people to vote and do the things that organizations is unlike Stacey. Abrams did. I think two thirds of this state is still red if they are not getting communicated with and showing up to vote. This is a
situation you leave yourself in. I dont think you have to parcel a sermon from Raphael Warnock to attack him on his policy. This is guy who all but said, supports court packing supports everything on the far left agenda that an aoc would run on thats, where you attack him and thats, where Georgians open their eyes and say you know what thats not who we are thats, not how you represent us, we are are going to go to the polls and we we are going to Vot. All these problems are solved by getting better candidates and im not being mean, but about the ones we have David Perdue. If Kelly Loeffler doesnt have a lot of personality, David Perdue is just a legacy name. We need people in Congress and in the Senate who are fun to cheer. For you know, TED Cruz wouldnt have trouble running against Raphael Warnock. I truly believe that we need people in Congress who know how to communicate to the people they are trying to represent. We dont have that right now. I hate to say that, but its true, so I hope we have some republican senators and I hope we do better moving forward
Steve. Those are the four you get to choose from come January. Thats it Steve. We love having your point of view on the show and folks. Joeys story from serving in the Marines is now featured in the book called modern warriors comes out November, 24th sign up for Fox Nations, Patriot plan and you will get the book written by PETE Hegseth, absolutely free Joey. We look forward to reading.
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