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John Cooper reacts to Kenosha violence, keeping family safe

2020-08-29 | 🔗
The Skillet's lead vocalist provides insight into nightly protests and violence.
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I bet he can still hit at forty. Eight John Cooper lead vocalist for the multiplatinum band. Scilt lives in downtown Kenosha. This week has been sharing his violence to the violence happening in his own backyard. Listen, I never thought I would enter into a time where I actually have to strap on my ar to keep my family safe, because im five blocks away from where they are burning down the place that I live in. I have been on the night watch by the window. Again, the protesters did come by screaming and whatnot our governor finally allowed the federal government to bring troops in PETE wow here with an update, live from Kenosha Lead, vocal list of Skillet John Cooper. Thank you for being here, appreciate it powerful videos you are having to arm yourself to defend your property. You said National Guard and federal troops arriving has made a huge difference,
break down where you are now and how you got there good to talk to you again, PETE its been a weird week. Three blocks behind me is where most of the violence occurred, im right in downtown where the windows were broke and things. I live a few blocks that way its been remarkable change in the last forty eight hours, its become nearly dead silent at night, which is a real blessing buff its strange because you see this stuff on the news on Portland or Seattle or New York City Chicago. You see it and you think it can never happen in your town of Kenosha Wisconsin. This is one hundred thousand people here, its a small town, its an awesome town. My in laws have lived here, their whole lives and never one night locked their doors. Ever when I moved here Time magazine called Kenosha, the second best city in America to raise a family, and so this is a great place. People love each other. It is not a hateful place, its not a racist place. The only time it gets angry is when the packers play the bears then its on,
but other than that, its a great town, PETE. You know, John. We are learning more about what happened in the Jacob Blake Incident. The police have a side of their story as well. Do you feel like, regardless of you, who that shakes out the violence is Queldz scheduled? I know there have been out agitators. They have arrested people with out of state plates. Do you think their ability to have a conversation or do you think there is a possibility for more violence? Well, it has scheduled down a lot which im very thankful for Heres. The thing PETE is that there are really really good faith people protesting. There are people that want to see change. I know people that are protesting. They have good hearts. They wanting to see the world become a better place, become more equitable and become more loving and forgiving. The problem is, there is not enough condemnation against the violence, because when people are burning down your city and slashing your tires threatening to come in to my neighborhood and quote f up my neighborhood now I cant hear you so there does need to be a conversation.
I want to see more love and more equity, and I want all those things too, but you cant go around burning down the places that you love and what really got scary PETE was that we had friends of friends of friends, et Cetera from end appear, police and Chicago. Everyone needs to see these social media posts. People are saying we need to get a group together going into Kenosha. They were listing the neighborhoods. They were going to F up thats what they said. F the police in Kenosha. F up this neighborhood f up this neighborhood. These are my friends, my family, my neighborhood, and, at the same time, if our governor is going to not accept the federal government help, then what are you left with PETE John? Were you prepared to defend your home and family? If need be absolutely its a horrible thing, I should be out playing concerts rocking the free world and instead, im hunkered down praying for the very people that I might have to hurt that night and thats, something that Americans shouldnt have to deal
with. I dont want to hurt anybody. Im pray for safety, praying for them, praying for their souls, im praying for racial justice. I want all those things, but you cant come and threaten peoples family in America, PETE, amen, John Cooper friend of the show lead vocalist for skillet that mur real painted by your wife and drummer for the band as well. Pete can, I say, one more thing: PETE, real, quick, amazing prayer meeting. Fourteen pastors red White Plaque Brown. We came one hope in not a president, its the hope in Jesus Christ. That gives you a brand new heart to love people that dont always love you back and Jesus can change. All of this is he bring peace.
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