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John James on why polls are tightening in his Michigan Senate race

2020-10-15 | 🔗
John James says he is going to fight onslaught of outside money in his MI Senate race with ‘the truth’
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Its Wendy out here its Wendy out here. If you can wear the hat, I can wear the hat. Should I take off the tie or not? What do you think cheers I dont know? Maybe yes, maybe yes cheers that feels so much better Brian. I have never seen him have a better time on the stump when we saw him in Orlando earlier in the week and last night in Sanford, technically seeing him yesterday make America great thats the slogan that works again because of the pandemic crowd going wild as he puts on the Maga hat Steve. He took off his necktie and threw it to the side, and somebody is waking up with that on their coffee table, Ainsley wore the Maga hat the
rest of the rally, John James G, DOT, Op Senate candidate Good morning to you good morning, Ainsley back in June, the guy you are running against Gary Peters, the Democrat. He was up ten points. If you look at the polls in October, according to the New York Times, you are just neck in neck. He is one point ahead of you: Quhapsd are what happened? People all recognize is he all talk. He says one thing and does another: they recognize that he talks about being a moderate. He votes with Chuck Schumer. Ninety five percent of the time solid, a as a New York Senator and Bernie Sanders. Eighty five percent of the time solid B as a socialist that doesnt represent Michigan Senator Peters, is all talk and we need to have somebody who has real world experience from the battlefield to the booed room, to move us forward to a better future and better stronger America. Brian its interesting because race in America is definitely a hot issue. You embrace that conversation. You talk about how you became a successful business person, but your military experience for
that, so you come pretty well. Armed to handle peoples needs with a lot of experience, important what lies in the balance. If Democrats get the Senate, Bernie Sanders will be in charge of the budget. He will be chairman of the Budget Committee. I mean this is just an indication of whats to come. We have seen throughout the course of human history, world history. What happens when you put the power in a centralized government and take it away from the people? Senator Peters would be less than a speed bump against the leftist move toward anarchy and socialism. We have already seen how that story plays out in Detroit when you let the leftist take over, we dont need to go to Venezuela. Can you seat opportunity leaving our schools? Can you seat opportunity, leaving our jobs and economic opportunity and Senator Peters has stood by and allowed this to happen? As a thirty year career politician, twelve years in Washington, six years in the Senate and people until an election year had no clue what his name was and to this day still cant put
their finger on what he has done. People in Michigan want change. Steve John ask you about the lead story, the last couple of days, and that has been Amy, Coney Barrett and her confirmation hearing. What do the people of Michigan make of you know? The Republicans are all saying: look, she is completely qualified and the Democrats are saying look. She has got a lot of unanswered questions about how she would rule. Given these many, I that the Supreme Court takes up on an annual basis. Judge Amy, Coney Barrett is very, very qualified and Senator Peters came out against the presidents nominee before she was even nominated look. I truly believe that we need to abide by our constitution and you have seen politicians on both sides being politicians and flip flopping as is convenient for them. I swore an oath to the constitution, not to any party or person, and the constitution says and is very, very clear on how this nomination process works. We need to abide by that process, as Senator Peters is flopping on
position, because Chuck Schumer told him to say make sure we have a leader in Washington prioritize people. First, not politics. If you want to learn more, if you want to support, please go to John James for Senate dot com. I could use your help Ainsley. We are watching confirmation, hearings and watching Democrats raise a lot of money and pouring them into states because they want the Senate. I know your consultants called Chuck Schumer very nervous. He said Chuck Schumer, Senate majority. Pac will spend five point four million in one week. This is the most money theyre spending on any Democrat in the entire nation. They are very nervous about John James and they should be. How do you fight that kind of money? Thats a lot of money in one week with the truth? Ainsley, you fight it with the truth. We have been spending almost forty dollars million against me sings last year and we are still within one point that tells you that Americans, Michigan Ganders in particular lie meter is very sensitive. They can tell when theyre being gamed. We recognize that we need somebody who will bring results, not just more partisan politics and Senator Peters is somebody
who will take us in the wrong direction in seat could be the 51st vote to protect our constitutional republic. This is more than just flipping a seat. America. I need you to know this is about flipping the script. This is about showing that who can be successful and that nobody owns me and that we in the Republican Party can broaden the back of the elephant to include millennials and minorities. The way that the Democrat Party is giving lip service look at our schools. Look at our streets. Look at our prospects in life. We must demand change. The only way we can get change is if we stand up and show up at the polls- and I would really appreciate your support- our constitutional Republic is at stake. God bless you. Brian John James pointed out. Person running is a moderate eighty, five percent of the time he votes with Bernie Sanders. John James might be outspent, but he wont be out, worked.
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