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Jones on proposed California curriculum: It's going to end up partisan with Democrats as the heroes

2020-09-01 | 🔗
California curriculum bill pushes '4 I's of oppression'; Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones reacts.
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To defeat them, we must jail to defeat them. We must jail law breakers and defeat their hateful ideology about this country about America. We must teach our children that America is an exceptional, free and just nation worth defending, preserving and protecting what we are witnessing today as a result of left wing indoctrination in our nations, schools and universities, many young Americans have been fed, lies about America being a wicked nation plagued by racism. Indeed, Joe Biden and his party spent their entire convention spreading this hateful and destructive message, while refusing to say one word about the violence. Pete was that the president yesterday talking about the violence but also our education system and how it feeds into the narrative that America is a bad place. We are going to touch on both topics now with Fox NEWS, analyst and host of one nation on Fox nation Lawrence Jones. Thank you for being here this morning. We also saw the vice president hit the trail kind of condemn
the violence, but ultimately this is going to come down to who voters believe is serious on this topic. What do you make of the presidents perspective? I would just like to congratulate the vice president on the campaign trail to see him. I hope I get to see him when im back out there covering things guys. I spent two years on the college campuses talking about the ideology there. I found it very hard to get people to take me seriously. When I got red to talk about what is coming to America, I spent time with Hannity on the ground, liberal cities talking about violence and homelessness and the fact that drugs were on the streets. The fact that many of the people that were there to enforce the law did not feel like they had the power to do so, and it seemed like no one took it seriously, and now we are being reactive to whats happening in the country. It is true that there is a radical ideology. Many of these people arent shy about it.
The question is: are we going to swatch this, and I dont mean the ideology, but people being criminals? You got to be able to go out there and arrest them and separate them from the peaceful people. Right now we are seeing that the peaceful people go home at night and these radicals stay there and they burn stuff down, and you would think that the Democrats would want to arrest these people and separate them, but it seems like they just now started to want to do that because of the polling. You know Lawrence President Trump talked a little bit about the origins of that ideology and that radical ideology, and on that topic of indoctrination, there is a new bill in California, thats headed to Newsoms desk. It relates k through twelve schools. What the bill wants to do is establish a curriculum that includes the four is of oppression. Now lets take a look at a quote. This addresses Californias model. This was in the Wall Street Journal. This is what it had to say. Teachers provide examples of
systems of power which can include economic systems like capitalism and social systems like Patrioticky, can bed to the institutional and internalized. Does this have a place in K through twelve education? Talk about the full story, talk about oppression and factors and people that led the charge for oppression. You want to talk about were going to go into education and talk about red lining. I mean just honestly dont think there is a place for that through K through twelve, because, obviously its going to go down a partisan lens, where its going to say the Republicans are responsible for this, and the Democrats were the hero when we know that history, those pesky facts, would show something different look. I have all been for telling the full story of history. For example, if you are going to talk about the Democrats and the
KKK, you have got to talk about the Lily White Republicans as well. You know, if you are going to talk about the Republicans, are so bad. Have you got to talk about the Democrats and Margaret Sanger? It seems like everything has gone down this partisan lens. There is plenty of blame to go around all different parties, honestly, that should be left for the college level. I dont think that the young people have the minds to discuss those nuances in our history and I think right now. What were seeing right now is that you know they realize that they have already captured the college level. They got them to believe in Marxism. They got them to believe that America is bad, and now they are going to go down on the ground level, which I said was going to happen and go after your kids thats. Why I said during this pandemic, you really should be watching what your kids have been taught all along PETE, yes, Brian, yes, its time for the local boards of education to understand that the pressure they are getting from the outside is financed from above.
I believe its the same. People that are supplying money and material to Antifa are the ones that want to overcontinue the curriculum and mold those minds. They are the most susceptible minds. If you could change what they learn, that capitalism is bad. America is based on slavery, then you could hate your country and look to change things by burning it down. Well, the thing is: are the parents just going to sit back and watch this happen? There is choices in this country. You can pull your kids out and I understand this is hard. Some people cant afford for private education. The thing is: are you going to make the case for school choice where you are able to take your tax dollars and go wherever the hell you want to go to, and it just seems like. I have heard a lot of people talk about it, but we have been talking about it for years. There has to be action right now. We have to decide if we are going to take back the education system- and you be put your kids in a place where you know they will be taught the right history.
That doesnt seem like thats the focus right now. We cant just vent about this and be upset about whats happening. We have to change the legislation, so we can have the power back Brian Gotcha PETE, if you dont make that choice. California, soon your kids will be literal infantry. The Wall Street Journal, jewish and Irish Americans gaining racial privilege and building possibilities for Post imperial.
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