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Judge Barrett is ‘laser-focused and committed’ to Supreme Court process: Aimee Buccellato

2020-10-21 | 🔗
Aimee Buccellato, a friend of Amy Coney Barrett, reacts to the judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
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Ainsley, the Senate is expected to work through the weekend to confirm, Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Probably on Monday, the Judiciary Committee will meet tomorrow to recommend her nomination to the full Senate and then the final vote we are expecting the beginning of next week here to react is a friend of Judge Barrett, who also is a professor at Notre Dame and the school of architecture. Good morning to you, Amy, we have had you on before. I think we talked to you before the hearings have you talked to judge Coney Barrett since those judiciary hearings? Yes, we have communicated Ainsley. What did she say? You know I dont want to speak for Amy. I think she is laser, focused on this process and committed to this process, but its clearly a very intense process, and you know knowing Amy. She is missing things at home and you know life moves quickly when you have young children as she does,
but I think she is you know she is very committed and focused on what should be a swift confirmation, Ainsley. I think she will be confirmed. If so, what happens for the family? Are they all going to move? What are their plans? Well, you know, I dont think that they walked that bridge. Yet to tell you the truth, they are very pragmatic and sort of level headed and you know family, and I think they will make the decisions that are best for their whole family once they know what decision is really before them. Ainsley whats the conversation like on campus, because, no doubt she is brilliant, she doesnt have notes days and days and she was able to recite the law and know cases like the back of her hand. Oh are sure, oh sure, sure she is giant in her field. The nation was really blessed with those hearings. Last week
she obviously unparalleled in her qualifications. For this position, she responded to nearly twenty hours of questions. Steadfastly, you know thoroughly patiently and unwaveringly. I think what is clear to everyone. She is not easily swayed. I would say she is not even forcefully swayed thats one of the reasons why she is going to make an exceptional Supreme court justice. Ainsley people are saying that they are unsure. Shoe F, she will be able to put her religious beliefs aside. What do you say to that? I think that she, through twenty hours of questioning last week, made very clear what her jurisprudence is and what her philosophy is with the law and, of course, thats, not my area of expertise, but she is someone of unparalleled integrity. She says what she means and if you can, I think, withstand the kind of pressure that she did over. You know two
consecutive days of questioning and remain true to your principles. Those are ones that are steadfastly and thoroughly held Ainsley professor. Why was it important for her kids to be there? I notice they were there. They were very polite and sat beautifully. Why was that important to her as a mother? Well, they are a very close family and they support one another and you know to have your family behind you. Both you know, literally and figuratively, is an important part of this process and im proud of her and Jesse for making that possible not only for their own children to witness, but for young people across the country to see that a mother and a wife and a good friend can also achieve such an incredible point in her career Ainsley yeah. When I was watching my daughter, that could be my daughter. One.
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