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Judge Jeanine on Mueller probe: 'Massive corruption going on' behind the scenes

2020-09-25 | 🔗
"Justice with Judge Jeanine" host Judge Jeanine provides insight into the Mueller investigation.
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Text messages released from text messages released from the FBI agents involved in the Russia Witch Hunt. The headline from the Federalist reads: Trump was right: explosive new FBI texts detail internal furor over handling to have cross fire hurricane in the investigation. Remember the insurance policy Ainsley President Trump reacting to brand new messages inside the FBIS Cross Fire Investigation, Brian an FBI official on Roberts, Muellers team said the prosecution of Flynn had quote get Trump attitude and it was not there. Steve host of Justice Jeanine and author of dont lie to me. Judge Pirro joins us live good morning to you judge Jeanine Good Morning Steve. We have been showing the
text messages of FBI agents back in twenty sixteen. What do you make of what was going on behind the scenes? Jeanine? I have to tell you it pains me to say this: there was massive corruption going on. The FBI was acting as it was an organized criminal enterprise. This is going on in third world countries. Lets get this person and make up stuff. They admit we are using national security letters for Michael Flynn, where we dont need the judges permission. They were uncomfortable with it and they comment on the meeting of the oval office and we knew that. You know that President Obama was there, Biden was there and Jim Comey and they say its a mad house. Everybody is scrambling to get information. The information going back and forth is we want Clinton, we dont want trump, and so they then talk about insurance policies, not the one. They talked about to make sure they could go after truck in the
event trump. In the event he got elected but insurance policies. So in the event they got caught, they would end up being protected. I mean these people are criminals and the crazy part of it is. They lie to the FISA court. They lied in the application, they lied for the subsequent two warrants and then then, under this new FBI, director Christopher Wray, they end up lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee. This has to stop and thank God, Bill Barr at least took that information out of what Durham is investigating, so that we can at least get an idea of how corrupt these people were. Now they are all going onto. You know bigger jobs as though theyve done nothing wrong. America needs to understand that these people are lawless and they are acting under the sanction of the FBI. Brian lets bring up something else. We know the Steele dossier back in the house. The sub source is not such a mystery.
The FBI had been investigating the sub source working for the Brookings Institute with the Russians as a spy Jeanine yeah. They never told the FISA court. He was subject to counterintelligence investigation and in addition to that, everybody knew that that was all rumor and nonsense and nonverified I mean this. Guy is hes, got his own issues and then he ends up being hired here in in the in America and then ends up working for Steele working for Steele. This is lunacy and follow the dot fusion, gps and dossier, and im still angry about who this FISA Court judge is either they are stupid and they didnt look at
the basis for the warrants. Okay, I mean I was a judge. You have to look at the basis for a warrant when youre going to violate fourth amendment rights or were they in on it? Were they part of the dinner parties that they were talking about? This is an embarrassment. Trump was right. Even they say it. Trump is right. Hes, tweeting about this. On January, third, outrageous Ainsley, the president, will announce Supreme Court Justice pick on Saturday at 500, oclock, perfect timing for you, because you have a show this weekend who is coming up on your show Jeanine well. We have the chair to have Senate Judiciary Committee which, as you know, will make the decision and will be running the hearings on the on the nominee. Weve got Senator Lindsey. Graham, we have senator Tilles and Shannonon Bream, our own, Shannon Bream, who we all love, Senator RON Johnson and what Hunter was going through with his father, as vice president
vacuum, cleaner, sucking up money from Russia, Ukraine, China, we have a jam packed show on Saturday. I cant wait to do my open theres, a lot of on the line. Get ready, im already fired up Ainsley. We will know who he picks. We all will be watching Jeanine yeah im excited Brian, so am I judge, Jeanine hold the excitement tomorrow night and also chance to talk about brand new book. Dont lie to me its available. Now, not the judges office. You have to go to your own bookstore. I have it on tape, so I get the sense of you yelling in my head. Jeanine, you know what it is on tape. The season two takes you two.
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