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Judge Jeanine: Trump-hating NY attorney general is coming through with her promise to destroy the NRA

2020-08-07 | 🔗
Judge Jeanine Pirro breaks down the political implications of the New York attorney general's 'ridiculous' move to dissolve the NRA.
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These years of fraud and these years of fraud and misconduct, we are seeking an order to dissolve the NRA in its entirety. Today we send a strong and loud message that no one is above the law, not even the NRA. Brian New Yorks attorney General suing, the NRA, with just under ninety days before the election Ainsley and the association fighting back with its own lawsuit tweeting in part, our members wont be intimidated or bullied in their defense of political and constitutional freedom. Pete here to react, host of justice with Judge Jeanine and author of the upcoming book, dont lie to me. Judge Jeanine Pirro judge. Congratulations on the new book love to hear about that. But when you see this attorney general saying were going to dissolve the NRA your reaction. Well, you know when I heard about this major announcement
the night before this was actually announced, and then about an hour before the attorney general has an announcement of national import. You knew she was desperate for some attention, but when she comes out- and she says we are going to sue the NRA and im thinking to Myself- this has to be big. Well, its a classic self dealing allegations. You know private travel, expensive meals, airplanes, its classic, but what she decides to do- and let me set the table here for a second, this Leticia James is a trump hating, NRA hating Individual, who made an essential campaign when she ran for attorney general in liberal New York state. If I need to add that myself, so shes coming through with her promise shes going to destroy the NRA, but look ive prosecuted organizations or individuals who cheated their organizations- okay, it happens all the time.
Its no big deal all right, but this is her conclusion. This is her conclusion. She says now im going to move to dissolve the NRA youre, going to what youre going to dissolve the NRA. It is the biggest voice for gun owners in America. Is this suddenly starting to sound political to you, especially so soon before an election so close to an election? And now that weve got first time gun owners across the country, scared to death, police are being defunded, weve got Antifa and everybody else burning buildings, and just this morning on the show guys, I saw this woman, a senior citizen. She had to be eighty and theyre throwing paint on her I mean, and now youve got Leticia James standing up for all those members of the NRA. Who are you kidding, youre saying that youre going to protect the members of the NRA by dissolving the biggest organization that speaks for gun owners in the country? This is ridiculous and by the
way, NRA got ready for this. They turned around and sued her for defamation. So this is just what the left is doing. Theyre doing this and theres an a dot g in Washington D, DOT C, whose joining in saying im going to sue the NRA too. Well. Do you know what this is just an indication of where theyre going? The next thing is its going to be guns. They limit our magazines, they limb the number of bullets Et Cetera and now its going to be were going to dissolve the number one organization that speaks for gun owners in the country, and it is absurd. Ainsley, scary times, judge whats coming up on your show this weekend. Well, this weekend, weve got defense Secretary Esper and we also have Carmen best, who is the police chief in Seattle? Weve heard a lot from her im. Looking forward to that interview and, of course, weve got Steve Scalise Jim Jordan, talking about whats, going on in Washington LEO Terrell were all fired up and im going to do
my open on this, because when the left tries to take down the NRA, but when they sue other organizations like planned parenthood, they decide they dont want to take down planned parenthood. This is as obvious and as dangerous as it sounds. People need to watch this kind of thing, because this is whats. Coming with Joe Biden PETE, all right, you can catch justice with Judge Jeanine tomorrow night at 900, p, DOT M eastern time.
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