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Judge Napolitano questions timing of Barr testimony, reacts to arrest of NJ gym owners defying lockdown rules

2020-07-28 | 🔗
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss Attorney General Bill Barr's testimony on Capitol Hill and the arrest of gym owners in New Jersey.
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Ainsley Portland, rocked by Ainsley Portland, rocked by 61st night of protest, its all taking stage on Capitol Hill today, where Attorney General Bill Barr, is going to testify. Steve Fox has received a copy. His prepared remarks in it he says quote every member of this committee, regardless of your political views, should condemn violence against federal officers and destruction of federal property to tacitly condone destruction and anarchy is to abandon the basic rule of law principles. Brian the Barr show starts at 1000 guess who is starting now at 639 eastern time Judge Andrew Napolitano. He is the analyst who is all over his resume. He will not wear a tie until he comes back to the studio, but first off I cant wait for Democrats to t up on Barr. I dont think they understand what they are dealing with the facts back him up from Russia. The riots in Portland Seattle, the unrest in Chicago, Correct,
im, not sure why, good morning, Brian Steve and Ainsley Steve Good Morning, Ainsley good morning, im not sure why they are having this confrontation today and why they are doing it in the middle of the summer and while they are doing it, while the mess in Portland is still going on. Do the Democrats have legitimate concerns? Yes does the president and does the Doj have legitimate defenses? Yes, is the attorney general very strong and forceful person quite knowledgeable in the law? Who will stand his ground? Absolutely so, im, not sure what will happen today. Some of the members of the committee are going to be physically present in the hearing room wearing masks, presumably, and some are going to interrogate the attorney general remotely, but I dont know what either side expects to come out of it. Of course, they are going to ask him about Roger Stone and reasons for the stone pardon as the trial was hugely unfair. They will ask about the incident at Lafayette Park and St Johns church. What role did the attorney
general play in that and they are going to ask about what the federal officers are doing in Portland? Are they making it worse or are they making it better, and I dont think its going to move the needle I dont think either sides mind. Will you changed by this Ainsley? He says he has been discredited ever since he said the Russia gate. Scandal was grave abuses and was bogus. It will be interesting to see that all right lets talk about that gym in New Jersey. I know you live in New Jersey, the Atilis gym. We have been covering this since the beginning of the shutdowns and they refuse to shut down their gym. Thousands of people have been working out there. Not one of them has gotten covid according to reports. What are your thoughts? Well, my thoughts are that the governor of New Jersey is a fraud who has violated rules that he himself has promulgated whose attorney general has dismissed thousands of summonses that police have issued for violating the governors wishes, but who is determined to make an
example out of these gym owners, so the governor tried to get the public utilities, the electricity and the water turned off, and the electric company and the water company said forget about it. These guys have prepaid for three months. We are not turning it off. Then the governor hired a locksmith to break into the gym and change the locks. The owners came by with their own locksmith and got back in their gym with their locks. Then they lived nut gym then they socially distanced Brian. Then they took the doors off six, not six twenty five and still going to jail its, not right its, not fair. The governor cant make up his own laws Steve well and they were arrested a couple of days ago. Here is one of the co owners talking about his decision to stay open, even though the governor said you got to close the door and he said im going to open it too bad watch my partner and I have had the doors removed since Thursday and we have not left the builds. Since we had two weeks of clothing and
prepared to stay inside at all costs, we did agree. We would go peacefully if law enforcement came im, not afraid of tyrants and no American should be because we outnumber them greatly. They are pumping fear into the coronavirus when what they should be pump, something solutions they dont do that they dont ever offer any solutions, its wear, a mask, shut up and wait for a vaccine, thats, not public health, and I wont subscribe to it Steve ultimately judge, as the government tries to reopen. They pick winners and they Bic losers. Fortunately, for this man in that business, they have picked his business to be a loser. Lets game. This out lets say, you know. Is he going to obviously appeal this? Is he its going to go to court? What would the Supreme Court decide on this? Okay, so what he actually was arrested for is not failing to comply with the governors order, because the governors order is just the governors whim. He was arrested for failing to comply with a judges order.
The governor and his lawyers succeeded in persuading a judge same court that I once sat in, though in a different part of the state to close the gym when he opened it up in defiance of the judicial order he was arrested and will be prosecuted. This is what is called a disorderly persons offense its not even a criminal offense. The maximum time in jail is ninety days for a first offender, you never go to jail for 90s days. If this is appeal you had to the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In my opinion, the Supreme Court of New Jersey will invalidate the governors whims and argue that the judge in this case had no business. Turning those whims into a judicial order. Put aside the governors, personal aspects, he has eaten in restaurants that are serving inside when he wont let anybody else do it. He has walked arm in arm in demonstrations when he spoke about black lives matter. He has broken up demonstrations police to break up demonstrations against him.
Put aside his personal defect. He cant write the law and he cant punish people for violating what he has written thats. What the Supreme Court of New Jersey will do if it doesnt then its going to go to the Supreme Court of the United States. It will be a monumental cases. Brian judge, you make a strong case, im one hundred percent in your court before the segment and now even more. I feel bad for the gym owners in tristate owners. Lose your house lose your business. You not even part of a phase back its inexcusable judge thanks. So much yes, yes, it is, did Jillian go to the gym this morning before she got to Fox Brian im, not really sure she is up early, Jillian, absolutely not Brian. Take it away.
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