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Justice Antonin Scalia's son explains the impact his father had on Amy Coney Barrett

2020-10-14 | 🔗
Christopher Scalia, son of Justice Antonin Scalia, says his father's ex-clerk Amy Coney Barrett was 'remarkably poised.'
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Justice Scalia, he was an originalist right. He was people say that youre a female Scalia. What would you say? I would say that Justice Scalia was obviously a mentor and, as I said in the when I accepted president nomination, that his philosophy is mine, too Judge Amy, Coney Barrett praising judicial philosophy of the late Antonin Scalia, yet gong on to make the point that originalist dont always agree with each other justice. Scalia Christopher joins us now, and hes coed tore of the book the essential Scalia on Constitution in courts, rule of law youre, looking at it so Christopher. We were just curious. I know youre, not a lawyer, but I was curious. Your dads name was brought up so much and his legacy so prevalent. What did you think of his exclerk? She was very impressive. Shes very shes, very obviously shes, very smart. She is very articulate and shes just remarkably poised.
I think that note pad moment was pretty effective and people are talking a lot about it for good reason. It just showed, I think, all of those things in just one very memorable image and you knowening. She showed why my father liked her as a clerk. He liked had a big family. She has a big female, so bring that similarity, but when she did say youre going get Justice, Barrett, not justice. Scalia. If Eve this the sail philosophy, what do you thihink? She means s that one of the thing about originalism originalism means, as usually practiced means interpreting the constitution and its provisions according their original public meaning. So they have the same approach, but that could lead you to different conclusions. It is a method, its not an outcome, so its possible for originalist to wind up on different sides of an issue or wind up with same opinion, but through different routes. Justice, Thomas, an my father, for example- werent, always contrary to popular myth, always on sail
tide of opinion, and even though they took both took a originalist approaches and thats. You know people think if yoyoure an originalist, you end Ub rationalization for making opinion on Obamacare and now, with some of the writings that she had on ROE V Wade. Did you data same challenges about things he wrote before? He got nominate that had people were pressing him on yeah. Absolutely he took a similar approach. I mean, I think, really justices have to take the approach. They cannot say what they would do if that case comes before them when theyre justices, but they are still expected and they will explain previous decisions and previous writings thats. Interesting too, is it hard for you as his son, to hear your dads name so often whether it is president in the rose garden or president saying this is what I want or any time this comes up. What is it like for you to hear your name so prevalent Supreme Court justice, not exactly doing a bunch of interviews when theyre around
yeah its very encouraging? I think- and it makes me always been proud of my father, but it make me more proud of him. Knowing his legacy is living on this way, it really does mean a lot, and I think it is important too, because I think he did great work as a justice and was you know crucial to this, the Supreme Court? Can you get your head around fact that somebody is so conservative with still a divided America Democrat and Republicans top ninety eight votes? Doesnt look like if this nominee gets to the vote. We expect it to happen before November. Third, not going to get close to that whats change. Well, I think that you know the court has certainly become a more polarizing issue and my father said thats, because the job of judges has changed so much judges are doing things they really shouldnt be doing. They are kind of espousing policy positions rather than legal positions, and that means that confirmation hearings are
going to get as aggressive as these are, but its not that my father didnt face tough questions. He did the attitude then, though, was that the person is well qualified. He or she gets the votes. If you have answers, you like tough questions in both seem to like the tough questions, so they can important to bring up too that Amy Coney Barrett brought up legislators arent doing their jobs thats. Why so much is in the court? So start legislating doing your job, so it doesnt end up in the Supreme Court thanks so much Chris and go ahead to grab his book. If you want to know how his dad thought, where Amy Coney.
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