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Kamala Harris is the 2020 version of Hillary Clinton, Gianno Caldwell says

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Description: Joe Biden VP pick Sen. Kamala Harris is a 'disingenuous flip-flopper who will say and do anything to win,' Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell says.
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Steve Joe Biden has chosen Steve. Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, but it wasnt too long ago that they were clashing on the debate stage. Will they now be united going forward? Of course they will. How does that impact things? Fox news, political analyst and author of taken for granted Gianno Caldwell joins us from Miami famously they clashed on that debate stage, but thats what happens on a debate stage now? They will make nice and go United together right. Of course, they will and for Democrats im sure some, especially the establishment types are excited because Kamala Harris Senator Harris can put together, put together a coherent sentence. However, Senator Harris is the two thousand and twenty version of Hillary Clinton, disingenuous flip flopper, who will say and do anything to win, and this is going to prove to be problematic when they begin to run these commercials when they are running what she said against Joe Biden against Joe
Biden and, of course, some of her positions that dont coincide with what Joe Bidens message is Heres the interesting take, I think, for this election. It will be a close election where every vote will legitimately count. I know we say that every year this will be the closest election. I think in our nations history for Joe Biden he needed to present a vice president candidate that was going to excite people and everyone else on this network has said the same thing: Kamala Harris Senator Kamala Harris is not exciting to people and specifically not exciting to young african Americans. I was on a social media site called the Shae room. Twenty million followers on Instagram and African Americans go on this site. Every day. One person posted this yesterday dont let the complex jade you she is responsible for locking up plenty of black folks. This got eighteen thousand likes on the shade room. They want to get these young people to support the Biden candidacy. I have a feeling because of Kamala Harris being chosen,
especially someone who has been problematic when it comes to criminal justice. They lost a lot of young african american supporters by this pick Steve. What about the fact that you know Joe Biden also needs to get the Bernie Sanders voter he does. He does Steve, the problem is Joe Biden is pretty centrist and you know. Is she progressive enough? A lot of people say absolutely not well heres. The thing Joe Biden will be whatever you want him to be and thats what it comes down to say: Steve, thats politics, not quite one of the things that made Donald Trump, a very interesting candidate for a lot of people in two thousand, and sixteen is because he was authentic and he was authentic at times where some people didnt like it. You know people talked about the Kamala Harris Donation that he made in twenty. Sixteen well Trump was very plain and clear with you. He said I donate to all politicians, because I want to own them. I buy them. I get them to do what I want them to do, for some people Luke, how my God,
how can some people say that he authentically said that? Is he not going to move off a position because it polls well stick with gut and keeps going? The democratic side is a totally differential. Ball became go, they will do whatever they can and do to win this election thats, where it becomes problematic for a lot of Americans. Steve Donald Trump did donate six thousand dollars when she was running for attorney general of the great state of California.
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