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Kamala Harris praises Biden's skills ahead of first debate

2020-09-29 | 🔗
Trump campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski and Trump campaign manager David Bossie weigh in on 'Fox & Friends.'
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That is his running mate yesterday on another channel lets bring in core lunged and David Bossie Senior advisors to the Trump two thousand and twenty campaign new book comes out today. Trump America first succeeds against all odds thanks for having Us Steve. The president wants to suck sealed at all odds- and tonight is all eyes are on this debate in Cleveland, because this is after the polls have been pretty tight off and on throughout this thing, this is the presidents chance to shake things up. How is he going to do it? Well, Steve? Look. This president has accomplished more in his first term than any president in modern history. We are going to see tonight a president who asked the american people to take a chance on him four years ago. Is he going to remind him of all the promises he has made and delivered? I want to juxtapose that with Joe Biden, who has been in Washington D, DOT c for almost five decades, never solved a problem
and the american people are going to have to decide. Do they want to continue to have lower taxes, the strongest military the world has ever seen and a great economy, or do they want to go back to the days of the apology tours of Joe Biden and Barack Obama where they went around the world apologizing for being the greatest country in the world? There is a clear and presents difference between these two and the american people are going to pick Donald Trump Ainsley David. I want to hear what you are expecting tonight and I want to play this for you Kamala Harris saying he is so good. He is so good Joe Biden so good. He has been on that stage. We saw them together on the stage he didnt look so good when she blasted him and in the next debate he said, go easy on me. Watch this here. You talk about the reputation of two United States, senators who built their reputation and career on the segregation of race in this country. You know there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public school
and she was bus. You had to school. Every day and that little girl was me thats a mischaracterization of my position across the board. Did I not praise racists? I agree that everybody once they know my time is up. Im. Sorry, go easy on me. Kid Ainsley David, its remarkable footage. We just have to remember that Joe Biden when he was in the United States Senate spent a lot of time working with senators like John EAST Land and Senator Byrd and Talmadge. Senator Easton was called the voice of the White South and thats, who Joe Biden worked with every minute of every day. Is the chairman of the committee that he was on where he was talking about that very issue: busing thats? What Kamala Harris was talking about thats why she was complaining. She was saying that Joe Biden made a career of this tonight. Donald Trump. President Trump is going to talk about the differences between these two
men and the future of America and what it looks like thats, whether its higher taxes and open borders and more job killing regulations, whether its bad trade deals, whether its no more peace that this president has brought forward, whether its anarchy in the streets and defunding the police. These are what Ronald Reagan called old colors, not pale pastels. This is an election about big issues, not small, petty grievances. That Joe Biden is on Brian Corey, its easy for you to punt on this, but just drill down on this. The president comes up to you an hour before and says Corey. What should I avoid all right? What should he avoid doing, because I know that Joe Biden is supposed to not lose his temper and talk about the coronavirus and talk about the presidents taxes. What should the president avoid doing? I dont think the president should avoid anything remind the american people. What we have achieved, Brian? What about personal attacks?
Would you say: go easy on the personal attacks? No Brian? No! No! When you enter the arena, when you come into the greatest game in the world, which is the world of presidential politics, you have to be ready. Joe Biden has a record of failure for five decades. I think its fair to go after him. Look I dont think Hunter Biden is off limits if Joe Biden wants to allow his son to get rich based on his position, and we have seen all the stories thats fair game, the media hasnt covered it and if Joe Biden wants to attack Donald Trump, I believe Hunter Biden is fair game. Steve. Okay, speaking of media David, I was going to say, the Washington Post has come out and endorsed Joe Biden for president in order to expel the worst president of modern times, and it goes on. Listen have you written a new book you and Corey about this president and its called America first, the president succeeds, against all odds, tell us a little bit about it. Well, first of all, the Washington Post is no surprise it. The Potomac would endorse Joe Biden.
They did in twenty. Sixteen with Hillary Clinton, our book Trump America. First, really dives deep into his successes, his accomplishments and what he has done in the four will months of his presidency versus the forty eight years of failure of Joe Biden and what we try to do is give people a look inside talking about the inside of the campaign. Its a fun read much like let Trump be Trump. We are excited about it. Thank you for having us on today to talk about it, Ainsley all right. Corey! Do you want to talk about it? Brian nope, in addition to us, bringing you into the oval office and on AIR Force One and behind the scenes at the rally? There are great stories in there look, some of your listeners and viewers may rememember. I had to testify in front of Congress, and we talked about that. I almost got in a fist fight with the oval office, then chief of staff, John Kelly, its in the book. We have great antidotes if you want to see what goes on nut rough and tumble world of
politics its in the book. The book is about the successes of this president, its Dave and Corey. On the campaign trail before the coronavirus hit, while the coronavirus hit the successes of this put and our stories being able to have the privilege to travel around with the greatest president, you know we have ever had in our lifetime also those rough and tumble things testifying in fronts of Congress who gets in a fight in the oval office. But maybe me laughter. This is what I do. I fight for the president every day, and sometimes it almost comes to first, a cuffs. That story is in the book and a fun read Brian. We sigh how tight six and eight in Pennsylvania trailing by one or two in Ohio. Ten in Wisconsin. Do you believe he is further behind now than he was in twenty sixteen than he is currently right now? What do you think Brian? He is in great shape? Is he going to win this elections without question Brian, better shape? We are in much better shape today than we were four years
ago. Let me just tell you the path to two hundred and seventy is very clear to us. This president is going to win because of his accomplishments and what he does over the next thirty six days. He is going to travel this country crisscross this country and show the country that he deserves re election. Look nobody! The people in this country dont hand the keys to the White House to just anybody. You dont just get it. You have to go and earn it. This president is working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for the american people. They know it whether they agree with him or disagree with him. He is the hardest working president. We have ever seen guys like Corey and I who are pretty high energy. We have a hard time keeping up with him. Steve got a final question for you: Corey the Amy Coney Barrett Fight is going to Capitol Hill Tododay. She is going to start meeting with senators and then it will be interesting to see how many Democrat senators she actually meets with as well. How is this going to shake up the campaign in the final five weeks?
Well Steve. I really think its important that we have a full complement of Supreme Court justices seated by election day. In case we have an issue like we did just twenty years ago, when Bush V Gore went to the Supreme Court for disasmghts. Look. I believe she is one of the greatest legal minds of our generation. She has the credentials to serve on the court and, if the members of the, U Dot S Senate, want to attack her on her religion or for being a working mom and having seven school aged children, then to me thats disgusting, we should stop politicizing these nominations to the high court. We should look at them on their merits. She should have an up or down, vote and election day. If all possible Brian people at home wondering have to make a choice between your book and Steves book Ainsley. I know the nerve of yall. I would have done anybody today. I would have said Woodward give me Trump, but not Doesy, anybody but Doesy. I cant compete about the against the Dooce Steve. You dont have any recipes in that. Do you recipe for winning Steve
its a new one? Send it to you next time, Steve all right. My daughter Lily wants a copy of your book. We are going to go out and get it today, Brian. She can pay like everybody else. Thank you guys.
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