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Kanye West turns heads with first campaign rally in South Carolina

2020-07-20 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones breaks down the topics tackled by the rapper.
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Available at retailers nationwide my mom saved my life, my mom saved my life. My dad wanted to kill me guns, dont kill people, people kill people. Most outrageous thing said out loud. The idea, if Kanye West runs for President im going to split the black vote. Democrats, aint, inaudible Trump Biden nor Kanye West- can free us, Griff, Kanye West, holding his first campaign event in North Charleston, South Carolina and certainly raising a lot of eyebrows here to react. Fox news analyst Lawrence Jones Lawrence Good Morning to you. What do you make of Kanyes first campaign stop good morning Griff. You know I was watching the response as well as watching the scene yesterday, and it seemed like most of the people that have a lot to say
about this speech only saw portions of it. There is a lot of stuff making headlines. What I hear from Kanye is what I have been hearing from him for years. I have listened to his music for years. I interviewed him. He talked about the Democratic Party and what they have done for Black America. He talked about ownership and people being a part of boards. His own experience on being a part of boards, he talked about owning wealth and how important that was, and dangers of social media. He talked about him learning and this not really being a campaign for the presidency but more of a movement, and then he lets get to some of the headlines that you keep hearing people talk about was how did he feel about pro life issues? It was very deeply personal for him, as all things are with Kanye. He talked about the potential of aborting, his first child and Kim Kardashian. Not wanting to do that and how painful it was to
him now realizing the dangerous effects of that. So again, there was a lot talked about, as I continue to tell people. This is not about some presidency for Kanye and he said that in his speech yesterday, this is about a movement for Kanye. If you think this is just about some dumb campaign, I think you havent been following Kanye long enough Griff, you know Lawrence Kanye said everybody who has a baby gets a million dollars campaign promise. Obviously couldnt fulfill. Here is my question. I have 18 year old daughter: do the young voters who may not be inclined to even bother to go out in south president? Would they perhaps tuned in to Kanye and think about vote for Kanye, which would how impact the election take away from Biden or Trump? I dont see it actually like. I said this is not about a campaign. Most of us say he cant even get on the ballot right now. I guess some people can write him in, but I dont think its
going to do that. Much of a you know difference in this campaign. This is why I know that it has Kanye is a smart guy. This has nothing to do with a presidential election. Again, I think its important to know. There is controversy about his remarks about Harriet Tubman and what she did. Obviously she was a freedom fight, early and spy for the union as well. Kanye has got to continue to educate himself, Griff does Kanye Lawrence just get off of the trail and blurring. It took a first step asking people to get him on the ballot in South Carolina. You are saying he is not actually serious about running yeah, I dont think. Is he serious about unking? Are most political experts would tell you that he cant even get on the ballot in most states? Kanye has always been about the movement, and I understand people that are outsiders that are not used to you know watching Kanye. They will follow the bouncing ball, that is by design with Kanye. Again, I think its about
getting his message out a lot of young people going to be enlightened during this journey just like when he went on his gospel tour as well. You saw kids parents couldnt, get them to church, but came because of Kanye Griff Lawrence Jones. Thank you.
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