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Karen Pence on RNC: Trump wants to empower every American to enjoy opportunities in this country

2020-08-26 | 🔗
Second lady of the United States, Karen Pence, weighs in on the Republican National Convention on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Ainsley Ainsley thanks Jillian well looking ahead tonight night three of the Republican National Convention, which has the theme a land of heros. Vice President MIKE Pence will headline tonights event and were going to hear from his wife Second Lady Karen Pence, senators, Marsha Blackburn and South Dakotas governor and many more, but before her speech tonight. Mrs Pence joins us now for a preview good morning to you, MRS Pence, good morning, Ainsley thanks for having me on Ainsley youre welcome what can we expect tonight its exciting, because this is the third night and the theme is, as you said, is land of heros and America is made up of people would are hero S and every day, Americans, so youll hear from some everyday Americans as well. But for my part, I get to talk a little bit about our military community, and I know that you know thats, near and dear to my heart and ive worked a lot with military spouses to help them with employment and ive also done a lot of work with
veterans on preventing suicide. So itll be an exciting night to highlight the heros in this great country. Ainsley, one of them is the son that you are raising because hes, a marine were proud of him, Semper fi Ainsley as a school teacher. What do you think about schools reopening? Should they its interesting? You ask me, because today is the first day of school that I teach at and im not there, because I dont teach on wednesdays, but we are open. We had one hundred percent kids at school and we have ways that we can take precautions, and the CDC has made that very clear to us. My school has spent the entire summer working on ways to make the school safer, like, for example, im an art teacher im, not teaching the kids in the art room this year, im taking a cart room to room because we dont want the kids congregating in the hallways were wearing masks, were social distancing were washing our hands and we just are able to take those precautions to make schools safe so to
everybody at school this morning, im excited. I look forward to seeing you next week, Ainsley. Well, that is a wonderful message, were going back in a few weeks too, and all the kids are excited as for tonight. How do you think the Rnc is going so far? I think its phenomenonal. We are telling an empowering optimistic hopeful message. The first night, the theme was land of promise and this president has kept his promises, but he didnt tell you that on the first night, we actually had everyday Americans tell of the promises hes kept for them and its a land of promise, its a land of opportunity, which was the second nights theme land of opportunity. This president wants to empower every American to enjoy the opportunities that we have in this country and it was very inspiring to me. We got to be there with Melania S speech and it was absolutely beautiful, absolutely uplifting. She told a great story. She told her story, which is a story of so many Americans
and then tonight to have land of heros. What an in spiering story. Ainsley. Your faith is extremely important to you. How about last night, with the pardon his message, was incredible, absolutely spectacular and I think its been great to have those surprise visits at the convention, where you actually see the president, for example, when he had the pastor, pastor Brunson in his office. How inspiring was that- and I think the thing Ainsley thats so important about this convention- is that there are a lot of people on the fence still and thats, okay and theyre looking at this convention and wanting to hear the stories and theyre wanting to know what should I do? Who should I vote for? This is an opportunity for this president to tell his story to tell of the promises that hes kept, and I think last night what you heard from Melania. Was she shared? How much this president loves this country and ive got to tell you Ainsley? I see that all the time when I talk to this president. He absolutely loves this country and he wants everybody to succeed,
Ainsley. Well, God bless you. Thank you so much. We wish you.
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