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Karl Rove: RNC humanized Trump, targeted swing voters

2020-08-25 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Karl Rove breaks down his top takeaways from the first night of the Republican National Convention.
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Counter program, maybe streaming online thanks, appreciate it my privilege to bring in Karl Rove as we look back at night number, one Karl. I saw some of your analysis last night. We saw diversity, accomplishments, gun rights and some future arrests stars was it better than what you thought it was going to be yeah. Absolutely production value high moved quickly. I thought TIM Scotts speech was terrific. I thought Nikki Haley hit it out of the park. This was a chance to start what they need to to achieve. They have sort of five. Things were evident last night, the biggest one was promises made promises kept. They began very right from the beginning in strong contrast on three big. I they talked about coronavirus, which they have to talk about. Biden has got a lead on it and edge on it. They have got to remove that edge. They talked about the economy, contrasting the two visions and they talked about law and order in our cities. They began to humanize Trump.
I thought some of the more effective moments him with the front line workers everybody from a nurse to a truck driver. I thought also there was attention here in the tone you had some which were red meat aimed at the base, but a lot of last night was aimed at those swing. Voters sitting there saying I sort of like what he has done. I want to get more comfortable with him and I thought that was particularly effective. We will start seeing more, I suspect, a second term agenda. They laid it out on Sunday night in a document we began to hear about yesterday. I suspect we will hear more about it. As the week goes on. I thought it was very effective first night, Steve sure. Essentially they were saying. Donald Trump has gotten a lot done. If Joe Biden is elected, he would undo all that stuff. Karl, we heard yesterday that the president would have a surprise every night in the 1000 hour and last night. The surprise was something he is obviously very
proud of, and that is the fact that he and his administration have freed over fifty hostages. He had six of them at the White House yesterday watch this im very pleased to let everybody know that we brought back over fifty hostages from twenty two different countries. Your administration really fought for me and I think, if you hadnt done that I may still be in Turkey, I was held in Syria for sixty three days and im. I think I speak for my fellow former hostages and detainees here when I I same im as grateful as anything to be home safely. What you did, sir. You were able to get me out of that prison in record time. It was amazing. I remember a lot of people asked me what was it like meeting President Trump, I would say I was blown away, got released and shaking the hand of the president in the oval office on behalf of my family and myself. Thank you, entrepreneurship for getting us out and getting us home,
Steve Carl thats, one of the things politicians try do once they have a policy or they do something. Rather than just hear about hostages. We met the hostages and that really personified them and the President yeah. Absolutely again, one ever the interesting break aways, the other one was the front line workers that humanhumanized Donald Trump Brou attention to something most Americans, werent aware of, and did so in a powerful way. Ainsley left wants to be critical of the way he handled covid and heard from workers how they were praising him Ainsley. If you watched c span, they aired the entire Rnc and took some reaction at the end, and there was a caller. His name is Rick from Ohio. I have been a lifelong democrat, but this year im changing my party. Listen to this im, a lifelong Democrat Prime Lorain know Ohio, which
Democrat City in ohio- and I just want to say after watching the convention tonight, im definitely changing my vote to republican its the heart felt way. They came across to the american people, and I was really touched by the number of times they used the word God they put God into everything, and the people on the democratic side on their convention acted like they were pushing God right out of it. ThatS had a lot to do with changing my mind, Ainsley Karl. That was a theme. I noticed that a lot last night too pro America, the flag, the pledge and a lot of prayers, and God blesses and please pray for our country. What else your thoughts well Lorain is in Northeast Ohio. In a mostly democrat area, Lucas, County Ainsley, you know that, of course, its a sad thing Steve. How do they vote in eighty? Eight Karl? This is indicative of the problem the Democrats have in the middle part of the country in that people who are animated by sort of traditional values of patriotism, a belief in America as
exceptional country, religious people. They are drawn to the republican ticket this year. I suspect, in part, because of the strong contrast with the Democrats. We had elements of the Democratic Party who said the pledge of allegiance but refused to use the words under God, for example, people on the EAST Coast and West Coast, sort of the elites and american academia they dont understand how much values motivates what ordinary people do when they come to the polling place, and I thought that was an interesting moment. May I say one: may I offer up one bit of criticism, though, about last night I missed the Hollywood squares we had during the Democratic Convention Steve the zoom call, what a brilliant piece by having the entire screen covered in boxes with people sort of clapping or whatever Steve Nancy Pelosi to block Ainsley. Did you see Carley Shimkus did a report on this. If you zoomed in on those boxes, some of them were repeats.
One lady wearing the white shirt exactly Brian Karl, a lot of people watching and saying Joe Biden is not talking about defunding the police. He is not talking about socialized medicine. I have news for you. The democratic party is over a thousand delegates voted Gengts the platform, the more he is forced to talk about how MOD draft he is the more susceptible. Is he to losing that progressive, liberal base that did not vote for what he talked about thats the problem, if you could get close enough in these polls to force Joe Biden to actually campaign, this whole thing could blow apart, yeah yeah, lock the media cover I picked up this morning. My device began reading NBC dealt with the issue of last night of the Republicans attack on violence in our cities and said, but of course, Biden and Kamala Harris have been out there denouncing the violence. I have searched for that Brian, not true. I have actually thought about writing a column. I found one instance: five words
whereby DEN sort of dismisses the violence in our cities, but literally Portland, goes up. They try to burn down the courthouse and the next day in a hearing, Senator Harris is saying to the head of DHS. Why are you attacking quote moms and veterans no denouncing of the violence? This is a real weakness for the Democrats. A lot of people in America are concerned about. Why is it that parties do not stand up and denounce it? Only one party stands up and denounce in our streets and major cities Steve. I think we will hear that.
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